10 Songs About Betrayal Of Friends And Lovers


Pale Blue Eyes – The Velvet Underground

If you haven’t heard of the The Velvet Underground or Lou Reed you should definitely check out some of their classics. Go and listen to the songs of their self-titled albums Berlin and Transformer. In addition, Pale Blue Eyes is a song about a lover’s betrayal. “Linger on your pale blue eyes…” is a line repeated throughout the song. It’s about a love that is morally challenged as a third person is involved. He loves this girl so much, but only her pale blue eyes will linger in the memory forever as she is already married to someone else. Also, he goes through the stages of loss and grief. He has surpassed sadness and disbelief, thus he blames her now “Baby, you just make me mad”. It’s a truly soulful song you should give a listen to, you will instantly like it.


We Used to be Friends – The Dandy Warhols

The Dandy Warhols is an American garage rock band. We Used to be Friends is one of their most famous songs. It is a very catchy tune about lost friendship that might keep you humming for days. “If ever again/ a greeting I send to you/ short and sweet to the soul is all I intend..” It seems like the writer of this song has already accepted this disagreement between them as he happily sings “A long time ago/ we used to be friends…”


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Mi Amigo – Kings of Leon

This song, recorded by the famous Kings of Leon, has been interpreted in many ways. One of the most literal interpretations is that this song is about a friend who pays you a compliment and then puts you down: “I got a friend/ Shows me all the good times/ Tells me I look better/ Chews me up and spits me out…” Another interpretation of the song might be that the betraying ‘Amigo’ is the alcohol, or more specifically tequila.


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Seventy Times 7 – Brand New

Brand New is a band actually founded on betrayal of friends. The story begun at the onset of a budding post-hardcore punk-pop scene in New York in the early 2000s. This great emo beef of their time started because of a girl. Jesse Lacey, the frontman of Brand New who was once a bassist of Taking Back Sunday, was a longtime friend with TBS’s guitarist and songwriter John Nolan. This song is truly about a betrayal of friends and most famous for the harsh lyrics Lacey wrote to Nolan “So don’t apologize/I hope you choke and die/Search your cell for something with which to hang yourself.” If you want to know more about the going on’s of this beef you should definitely hear There’s no I in Team by Taking Back Sunday – which is written in response to Seventy Times 7.


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Smile – Lily Allen

The song incorporates rocksteady music, as the lyrics deal with the betrayal of her boyfriend, while enjoying his misery. She expresses her anger quite effortlessly through her humorous lyrics and upbeat music. You will positively sooth the wounds of any betrayal you’ve experienced. “At first when I see you cry/ yeah/ it makes me smile/ yeah/ it makes me smile”.


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Take it Personal– Gang Starr

This song is a general diss to all of Guru’s ex-homies. It is from Gang Starr’s 1992 album Daily Operation and it is also included on the Greatest Hits compilation Full Clip. Just listen to it you’ll get the idea why it’s one of the best rap songs about betrayal.


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Backstabber – Eminem

One more rap song about betrayal is recorded by the infamous Eminem. Actually, when it comes to betrayal you can take your pick with Eminem’s songs.


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Betrayed – Kiss

Kiss is an American hard rock band formed in New York City. Betrayed is a song that can be related to everybody and that is why it is precisely one of the best rock songs about betrayal. “Betrayed/yeah/ life’s a bitch/ so just don’t feel/ betrayed/ no/ you ain’t the only one who’s been betrayed/ betrayed”. Pretty self-explanatory, just listen!


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No Rest For The Wicked – Cypress Hill

This song is about the dispute that Cypress Hill had with the gangsta rap singer Ice Cube after stealing one of their songs. According to an interview given by B-Real, Cypress Hill’s lead voice, Ice Cube was trusted to hear the recordings of the track “Throw Your Set in the Air” when it was in the mixing process. Cypress Hill were making the song for the movie Friday, in which Ice Cube is acting. After listening to it, Ice Cube asked B-Real if he could use that song for his own track. However, B-Real declined as this was a song created for the movie. Ice Cube asked to listen to the track once more, which he did and went home. After a while, Ice Cube released a song called “Friday,” that musically it was very similar to Cypress Hill’s song.


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Ross Capicchioni – Joyner Lucas

This is the musical tale of Ross Capicchioni who was betrayed and nearly murdered by his friend. Joyner Lucas raps about the story from both points of view (Ross and his “friends”) in his gut-wrenching song Ross Capicchioni.