15 Incredible Exercises That Increase the Testosterone Levels


Find out which are the best exercises that increase testosterone levels and start doing them right now!


Types of Exercises that Increase Testosterone Levels

The body’s testosterone levels are at peak at age 20. After you turn 20, the level of testosterone, slowly begin to decline. Each year, the testosterone level in every man reduces by 1%. But, don’t worry, there are few ways to slow down this process and you can even increase the testosterone levels.

One of the most crucial ways to increase testosterone is to start exercising. In order to kick up the level of testosterone, you should combine different types of exercises. So, include both high intensity bouts of plyometric workout and heavy lifting. A plyometric movement is a powerful and quick move, which starts with muscle lengthening action and is followed by muscle shortening action. Plyometric workouts include push-ups, box jumps, bounding, two leg bound, single leg bound, depth jumps, traveling pushups and box squat into box jump.




Plyometric Push-Ups

They are similar to the standard push-ups. The difference is to explode from the bottom position until the hands leave the ground, completely. Repeat this for 15 seconds, but don’t clap the hands while you do this exercise. If you don’t do it fast enough, you run the risk of hurting your fingers or wrists.


Box Jumps

It is important that you use a box, which is around knee height, so you can tuck your knees when you land. Be careful not to jump down from the box, but to step off of it.



Start to jog and while you push off the left foot, bring the right knee to 90 degrees. While you are doing this, reach forward with both arms.


Two leg bound

Use your arms to propel yourself and start in a squat position, then jump as high as possible. Land back in a squat position and repeat.




Single Leg Bound

Raise one leg and jump with the other one. Pick the knee up and maintain a running action.


Depth Jump

Stand on the box, which you used for the box jumps. Position your toes near the edge of the box. Step off and jump as high as possible, then land in a squat position.


Traveling Push-Ups

For this exercise you can use the top of a step, or any other platform that isn’t higher than 6 inches. Take a push-up position and explore over the opposite side. Travel back and forth and gradually slow down.


Box Squats into Box Jumps

Set up one smaller box and in front of it set up another box which is higher than the previous one. Squat to the lower box and make a little pause. Then explode from the ground onto the higher box.


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Best Exercises that Increase the Testosterone Levels

These five exercises will be your best allies in the fight against low testosterone.


Total Body Torture

To warm up, do 30 seconds of bodyweight squats, high knees, jumping jacks and jogging in place. Now, you can start the more tense exercises. Do three sets of 10 overhead squats and 15 burpees with minimal rest. After you do the three sets, rest for 1 minute. Continue with three sets of 10 deadlifts and 15 V-ups. Rest for 1 minute and do another three sets of kettlebell swings (40 seconds) and mountain climbers (40 seconds). Rest for 30 seconds between the exercises.




Lower Body Burn

To warm up, do 30 seconds of jumping jacks, high knees, bodyweight squats and jogging in place. Continue with 10 goblet squats and 15 plyometric jump squats. Rest for 1 minute and continue with 10 Bulgarian split squats and 15 split jumps


TRX Tabata Time

Start with the warm up exercises that we previously mentioned. Then continue with TRX switch leaps and rest for 1 minute. After the pause, do TRX rows and rest again. If you are up to it, repeat these exercises.


Revved-Up Run

To warm up, do 3 minutes of light jogging and leg swings. Run for 4 minutes and do squats for 1 minute. Continue with a 4-minute run and 1-minute push-ups. Then run for 4 minutes again and do skaters for a minute. Finish the exercise with a 4-minute run and 1-minute mountain climbers.


Upper Body Blitz

To warm up, do 30 seconds of jumping jacks. Do three sets of 10 pull-ups and 10 renegade rows and rest for 1 minute. After your pause, do another three sets of 10 bench presses and 10 dumbbell overhead presses.




Important Kegel Exercises that Increase Testosterone Levels

The kegel exercises will increase the testosterone level in your body and they will also help your sex life. You will have a stronger and a more long lasting erection and your libido will increase. A study has shown that the kegel exercises help guys push out more semen volume. The kegel exercise is the easiest exercise you will ever do. The only trick is to know which muscles you are supposed to exercise.




In order to find the pelvic floor, which is the muscle used for the Kegel Exercises, simply cut off the flow when you urinate. Once you know how to do this, you can do this exercise whenever you like, wherever you like. Contract the kegel exercise muscles and hold for ten seconds. Then relax the muscles and repeat the exercise. Perform ten of these cycles four times a day. Increase the number of contractions every few days or every week. The kegel exercises are also very important for women. Some women even find them quite arousing. So, guys get busy with the kegel exercises and don’t let women have all the fun for themselves.


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