5 Fun And Interesting Canvas Painting Ideas


First and foremost, get a pre-stretched canvas, unless you’ve stretched out a canvas before, of course. One rookie mistake that spoils even the best of canvas painting ideas is when you don’t start right. So, it is important not to struggle and wrinkle the sheet out of the canvas. By doing this, you ensure that the rest of the painting experience will be a failure. That is why it is important that you get a pre-stretched canvas. Or, you can ask someone to show you how it is done and practice a lot before you start to paint. There is nothing wrong if you can’t successfully stretch out your canvas, because let’s face it you are an amateur artist. So, embrace your creative spirit and give your all to make something worthwhile, and most importantly, have fun!


Prepare the Canvas

After acquiring the canvas, the pre-stretched one at that, you will have to get it ready for painting with gesso. Gesso is a white paint mixture used on the bare canvas. In short, it is a base, unlike the one women use before applying the heavier makeup. So, now that the canvas is ready, and you have already bought the paint, with an assortment of brushes and palette knives, you are ready to start on one of your previously well thought out cool canvas painting ideas. Oh, you haven’t really decided what you want to paint? Luckily, we have a few thoughts on that subject right here!





The first idea for canvas paintings is more of a technique really, but a very, very interesting technique, and that’s why you will read about it first. It is called stamping! Aside the canvas and paint, you also need a piece of wood or linoleum and something to cut it with. Preferably specialized cutters and not a cheap pocket knife, which also might do. However, you must be careful with it, or you run the risk of injuring yourself. Then, start making shapes, circles, flowers, faces, or even something painfully basic like fish scales and leaves. Don’t stop until you have enough items to work with. Once the cutting is done, all you have to do is apply paint and make your composition. Good luck!


Silhouettes and Color Stripes

Other easy canvas painting ideas are silhouettes and color stripes, and they look amazing to boot. It is very interesting how painting silhouettes in different sizes and colors can change perspectives and the painting concept and exactly this makes it possible to produce a great work of art with little to no effort or skill. This can be combined with colored stripes which can run from one side of the canvas to the other or begin and disappear in random spots on it, basically, if you think it might look good, go for it and if it doesn’t, paint over it! Naturally, if you want a painting with stripes only, that is fine as well. It is your artistic expression after all.





When speaking painting canvas ideas, we mustn’t forget the almighty option for a collage on the canvas. It might sound redundant at first, but it is amazing. Don’t sweat the details, don’t overthink art, the thinking part comes once the painting is done. Simply, in your mind, replace the paint with bits and pieces of newspapers, magazines, and even your personal photo albums or pieces of old clothing and start assembling your masterpiece. And besides, this way of working with canvas is usually a lot faster and a lot less sticky. Unless of course, you just happen to be a heavy glue user.




A Word or a Single Letter

A word or just a single letter on a canvas is our next stop on this canvas art train ideas. There are many people who follow a fad and do stuff like hanging a painting in their bedroom which is all blank except a single word in a wacky font saying something like BED or even SLEEP. Or, even worse, there are people that have a painting in their kitchen with nothing but the word EAT on it. Even though their idea is absolutely amazing, that kind of execution is so badly inartistic, it kind of hurts. It is like hanging three paintings with the letters S, C and U in your hallway and when people ask what they stand for you go “Shoes, coats and umbrellas!”. You know you can do better than that, have faith in yourself!



And lastly we arrive at hand-prints, and yes, even footprints. Childish and silly, simplistic, on the originality scale we can give it a so-so rating, but honestly, why not. Being a hipster is all the rage right now, and hand-prints can easily go toward finger-painting and abstract art. And hey, at the end of the day, if you are happy with what you’ve made, that’s amazing.

It doesn’t matter at all, if it turns out that you don’t have an artistic soul. As long as you had fun, you are still a winner. Painting over is the second easiest thing in the world to do, after throwing it away of course. So, if you like art and you want to try some of the easy canvas art ideas, get some supplies and give it a go.