80’s Fashion Trends That Are Here To Stay


Who can forget the fuzzy teased hairdos, the shiny leotards, the huge shoulder pads, the studded Thriller-inspired jackets, the tracksuits? Admittedly, there are some of the 80’s fashion trends we would like to forget. However, there are some that endured the test of time and have a huge comeback in contemporary fashion. Also, new and improved power suits, sexy lace and elegant crop tops are those modern variations that are inspired by the 80’s women trends. Furthermore, 80’s men fashion relied heavily on oversize jackets and bold prints. Luckily, color block and graphic print shirts reappear again, as well as rolled up sleeves and men’s cardigans. Those 80’s fashion trends are back and improved at the same time.


Bold Prints

Back in the 80’s, bold prints were a double trouble paired with oversized items like shoulder padded jackets and slouchy pants. Today, bold prints are back in the game. This 80’s inspired trend is incorporated in sophisticated sculptured pieces. Like high-waisted pencil skirts and elegant jackets that follow the woman’s silhouette.


Power suits

In line with the social movement of women claiming their fair share of the corporate and political elite, power dressing became a huge fashion trend in the 80’s. Remember Melanie Griffith in “Working Girl”? The power suit makes a comeback in two modern variations. The elegant streamlined skirt suit in bold colors (think about Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson in “Suits’). And the laid-back suit that can be worn with sneakers and still be fierce (shout out to Leandra Medine).




Lace, Everywhere

We can thank Madonna for the lace, which is one of the top 80’s trends that endured the test of time. She was the Queen of Pop who boldly started wearing lace in every occasion, taking it out of the lingerie department. This 80’s fashion trend today is revived in such sophisticated pieces that can be worn both as lingerie and as day and night wear. Lace trimmed camisoles, lace bralettes, or lace covered corsets look amazing with an elegant jacket or a silk blouse and a pair of killer stilettos. We are so thrilled that this trend is catching on without hesitation.


Crop Tops

Crop tops might have been the most favorite pieces of the 80’s punk girls, who wore them stretched and slouchy. Nowadays, not a single fashion blogger nor fashionista can imagine their closet without the crop top. 80’s inspired crop tops in contemporary fashion are elegant, structured and paired with highwaisted skirts in matching patterns. It is really a  layer piece, excellent for any season.




Pleated Pants

Who would have thought that these high waisted mom pants will be back as one of the 80’s inspired trends? The new and improved model, is of course, more elegant and streamlined, narrow and cropped in the bottom, but still accessorized with a matching belt. Wear them with silk blouses for a look in the office, or with a spunky crop top for a night out.



As one of the top fashion trends for women in the 80’s, metallics were all over the place, spread on large surface and paired with the equally eye-piercing neons. Metallics are back, but in a modern package. They are either seen in one striking piece with a modern elegant silhouette, as a cocktail dress, or applied in the details and accessories, like flat Oxford shoes, backpacks or trimmings.


Mini Backpacks

This is a fashion trend from the late 80’s that continued catching on well into the 90’s. Cute little backpacks are an 80’s trend that returned this summer season and are here to stay. Don’t forget to pair them with another trend from the turn of the decade: knee socks and Mary Jane pumps.




Color Block Shirts

The best way to pay homage to the trends in 80’s men fashion are with the legendary color block shirts. Back then, the effect was made in bold neon shades, but modern versions include subdued, earthy tones that still have that 80’s vibe, but in a contemporary form.


Graphic Print Shirts

We can’t imagine this decade without the striking graphic prints, especially the black and white patterns. The good news is that this 80’s men fashion trend looks so much better today. Especially, when they are paired with dark denim and bomber jackets, or with a suit in an unexpected color, like dark green or burgundy.




Rolled up Sleeves

One of the 80’s fashion trends are the buttoned down shirts with rolled up sleeves. Paired with pleated pants, they were among the top 80’s fashion trends for men. Also, they gave that irresistible laid back, casual feel to menswear we still adore.


Men’s Cardigans

We couldn’t be more grateful for the comeback of this 80’s trend. Buttoned down cardigans were a must for every man who considered himself fashionable in that decade. Men preferred bold and patterned stripes more than men nowadays. In addition, those color cards are replaced with more muted patterns.