Aquarius Love Horoscope


Aquarius are very liberal and original. So, conservative and conventional people will have a hard time understanding their personality. Aquarius’s reformative and progressive nature leads them to everything new, challenging and unusual. They belong to the air element, which makes them moody, curious and communicative and also separates them from passivity, isolation and monotony.

The stressed intelligence, humanity and the need to contribute to the common good are the basic characteristic that best describe the Aquarius, who has higher character values. Their positive spirit and the need to look after other people drift them away from isolation, motivate them to take courageous action and always find time to hang out and communicate with other people. They are often prepared to sacrifice themselves for the sake of common values and for a more harmonious life for the people around them.

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Male Aquarius Love Astrology

The typical male Aquarius has advanced ideas, is unpredictable and has a rebellious spirit. The restless spirit often makes him uneasy and he is led by the need to change the material orientation and domination in the world. He goes after every reformative idea and because of this he often wastes his energy unnecessary. His friends and family are the most important thing to him.

The Aquarius isn’t spontaneous, open or has a desire for team connection. Uranus dominates this zodiac sign. In astrology, Uranus dominates originality, rebelliousness, humanity and solidarity. That is why he is prepared to follow the positive and fun side of life. He despises people that are cruel, dogmatic and overly serious.




The Aquarius in love is liberal and constantly craves freedom and independence. He rarely gets jealous, but suffers from a longing in love and hidden sentimentality. Friendship is often more important than passion or being with a passive partner. Being a member in different organizations, clubs or groups of people will increase his chances in establishing his emotional ideal.

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Female Aquarius Love Astrology

The female Aquarius is independent and has a desire to discover new life horizons. Because of this, she doesn’t like to settle down in one place or to live a passive and monotonous life. Most of all she hates being with a jealous, vain and arrogant partner. When she establishes a relationship, it won’t be with someone who is average and unattractive, but with a partner who is original, intelligent and sexually attractive. The female Aquarius in love seeks diverse sexual pleasures and challenges. Her passion and ecstasy will be more exploding and challenging, if she has sex in different and exciting places.

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Female Aquarius Love Astrology by Decades

The female Aquarius love life, born in the first decade, is unusual, liberal and adventurous. Her moody character, the curiosity and energetic spirit often put her in front a lot of temptations. So, it’s necessary to sort out her basic priorities, as early as possible. Also, she shouldn’t let any limiting influences from the external surrounding put an end to her inventive and progressive approach. It’s good to choose a partner who can accept her virtues and deficiencies, because emotional disappointments hit her really hard.

The female Aquarius, born in the second decade, is a person with great charm and takes fast actions. So, being passive, monotonous and bored doesn’t suit her at all. Her youthful and original spirit motivates her to try out all of the satisfactions in life.




It’s not recommendable to tie the knot early in the relationship and without giving a second thought to it. With her passionate and seductive sexuality, she awakens her partner’s desires and brings him unrepeatable sexual rapture.

The female Aquarius, born in the third decade, is intuitive and has a great talent in recognizing the true values and following the art simulations. The physical attractiveness, the optimistic spirit and the communicative abilities are the main priority in Aquarius love life. The most important thing in her subconscious is not to have certain fears and psycho physical blockage. However, if her home and family are overloaded with intolerance, aggressiveness and vulgarity, she will develop a phobia in public speaking and stressing over independence and taking risks.

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