Aries – Zodiac Sign Description


Aries are great leaders who want to dominate, command and to be number one in all aspects of life. Likewise, they can’t stand monotony, labile characters, passive people or criticism. The zodiac sign description, inclines them to make fast and easy solutions. They are adrenaline junkies, who like to experience new adventures and challenges, so they rarely suppress their energy. By nature, they are intolerable and depend on the external influences. Aries radiate with erotic energy and the sexual urge is their leading force. All in all, they believe that reason is a slave to the passions.

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Aries in Love

Aries believe that a life without passion is no life at all. In addition, passion is the key ingredient for a loving relationship. The impulse to satisfy themselves leads them to temptations and risks. Their rebellious and competitive spirit helps them take down every obstacle in life. People born under this sign like to live in the moment and rarely make plans for the future. Women that are born in this zodiac sign are strong, decisive and powerful. Also, it’s dangerous to have a female Aries as an enemy.

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Aries – Ruling Planet

Mars, the leader of Aries, is a planet of action, fight, initiative and bellicosity. In addition, it provides the Aries with strength and ability to overcome their own laziness, unstableness and addiction to external influences. Mars influences people to fall in love with life and to fight for the things they like. In the same way, Mars inclines them to open up to the beauty of the soul and to the colourful nature. For Aries, the limitation of their potentials is a dungeon for the soul. Limiting their abilities is a defeat, a destruction of power and an escape from happiness.

Aries want to be in constant movement. They are feisty and make fast and effective decisions. According to Aries, those who have unfinished ideas, or have more or less unclear expectations, will probably end up with nothing. The main enemies to success and progress are indecisiveness, fear, psychological weakness and lack of passion. They want honesty, independence and determination. Also, they can easily stand up to the limiting factors and look the truth in the eyes. The most positive character traits for this zodiac sign are initiation, passion, bravery and faith in their own values. In addition, the lack of ambition and self-discipline is a psychological death for the Aries.

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Aries – Beliefs and Tendencies

Aries believe that the only way that humanity will survive is by raising awareness. Also, the humanity will keep its place in the world through a correct use of the energetic potentials that live in the people and nature. People that are born in this horoscope sign constantly feel the need to prove themselves. And in addition to this, they strive to be better and help those who are in need. They care about their reputation and the influence that they impose. They should control the vanity and the stubbornness, because it will only do them harm. The constant challenges in all aspects of life are extremely important to the people born in this zodiac sign. Also, it is a main motive that pushes them to gain all the power they want.

Their curious nature leads them to a constant pursuit of something new and undiscovered. Taking risky and careless actions can cause them serious problems. They don’t like to sit in one place too much, which is a result of their dynamic and adventurous character. So, working in an office isn’t suitable for them. They want to experience new and exciting challenges. They don’t want to be submissive to others and easily get in conflict with authorities. However, when they are provoked they don’t show aggression, but manifest indifference and irresponsibility.

They are exceptionally good at judging other people’s values and capabilities. Additionally, they always protect the weaker people. As a result of their protective nature, they fight bravely for the truth. As well as for their own rights and for the rights of other people.

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The Key to Success, According to Aries:

  • Every bad choice can be fixed, if we stop suppressing our energy.
  • Taking responsibilities for your failures is the key to success.
  • Happiness is reachable for everyone with a fiery trust, as well as with sincere hope and bravery.
  • Being subjected to every possible temptation or sexual urge leads to an identity crisis.
  • The uncontrolled desire creates weakness in character, anxiety in the soul and lust in life.
  • You need a strong character to overcome all temptations and to establish your true values.
  • Life is a fight, best played with a faith in victory, passion for beauty and positive view of life.

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