Aries Health and Nutrition Astrology


The Cause of Aries Health Issues

People born in the zodiac sign of Aries have a choleric personality. They are passionate, but lack diplomacy. Their energy leads them towards unpredictable reactions. So, they really need to control themselves and be more tolerable. Even though the Aries are extremely honest and righteous, their fast and rash reactions and the high-handed attitude, often lead them to uncomfortable situations. It will be good for them, if they avoid overdoing in every aspect of life. Or, in other words, they should carefully plan their activities.




Their overwhelming enthusiasm and their ambition to try everything that is new and progressive sometimes exhausts them. Wasting their energy, even in moments of crisis, drains them emotionally and physically. It’s best if they find a place to relax and rest, in which they’ll be able to peacefully plan their next activities. Also, Aries need this space, in order to stabilize their high energy potential and to orient that energy constructively towards their life goals.

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Most Common Aries Health Issues

Most often, their health issues happen as a result of overdoing stuff or worrying too much about the possibility of failing in some aspect in life. Very often, Aries overestimate their psychophysical potential and suffer from head problems (neuralgia, vertigos, arteriosclerosis, strokes and have difficulties remembering people and events), face problems (eyes, nose and ears) and skin problems. Because they are impatient and impulsive they often suffer from high fevers, colds, hypertension. Also, sometimes they suffer from irregular heartbeats, problems with the eyes and sinuses. The Aries stressfully experience the temptations in life.

Also, they have a problem with their teeth, often in the upper jaw, especially if this problem runs in the family. They are prone to accidents, so they should be careful when they work with sharp objects. They should also watch out when they are in traffic, both as drivers or pedestrians. Because of their high sexuality, they should carefully choose their partners and use proper protection, so they won’t catch any STDs. In order to avoid many of these problems they should constructively appoint their energy. Also, they shouldn’t drain themselves psychophysically and should be more self-disciplined, communicative and diplomatic.




Aries Mental Health

It’s very important to acknowledge the Aries’s need for independence. The Aries are people who seek freedom and don’t want to explain their behavior to other people. Their psychic balance can be seriously harmed, if someone tries to force himself/herself in their daily routines or tries to control what they do and how they spend their time. In order to successfully channel their extra energy, it’s recommended to take up a sports activity or to become a member of a charitable organization, or any kind of organization that helps the ecology. In that way, they’ll be able to express their voluntary spirit. Also, it is a great way to show off their excellent ability to plan and organize.




The best precaution in order to avoid getting sick is to live a more peaceful life. However, sooner or later, their desire to do any kind of activity is going to take over. Aries will successfully achieve that by planning ahead their vacations, free time. Also, they should develop their self-discipline by going to bed always at the same time, relax more during the day, read a good book or listen to their favorite album. If they have a health issue, they should immediately visit a doctor and accept their advice.




Aries Health and Nutrition

The Aries should consummate more fish, salads, apples, blueberries, raspberries and tomatoes. Also, they should avoid eating a lot of meat, sugar and alcohol, because these products induce aggressive behavior. If they smoke, they should stop immediately, because of the danger of clogging up the blood vessels. The indifferent attitude towards food can cause them digestion problems and cause a lack of salt in the cells. To avoid this, Aries should eat a lot of cauliflower, green salads, beet, spinach, cucumbers, onions, apples and lemons. It’s good for the Aries to consummate food that is rich in B1. Foods that contain Vitamin B1 are integral rice and wheat, peanuts, milk and vegetables.




Aries Health and How They Act as Patients

As patients, Aries are very complicated. They argue constantly, they tear their bandages, they think they know what’s best for them and how to cure a disease and won’t take any advice from their doctors. So, everyone in their surrounding has to be more diplomatic and tolerable with them and should carefully approach them when sharing the diagnosis. In a state of great pain and psycho physical weaknesses they become destructive and they lose the will to live.