Aries Love Horoscope


The Aries love horoscope characterizes them as extremely passionate and as people who feel instant physical attraction and are not afraid to make the first move. They possess unlimited energy, which means that they like to explore and are always ready for adventures. They aren’t slaves to prejudice and have a desire to be first and best in everything. Sometimes, Aries succeed in this, even though they rarely maintain their accomplishments. The constant psychological competition leads them to a life filled with fights and temptations. In their life there isn’t time or place to be passive and bored.

Aries-born like to take risks and discover new horizons in life, but rarely enter situation without previously examining and analyzing the circumstances. Initiation and curiosity help them move forward. Aries are constantly obsessed with the need to prove and perfect themselves, they look after their reputation and carefully impose their influences on the environment. However, it’s best if they control their vanity and stubbornness. Sometimes, these negative attributes keep them away from seeing the existential perspective clearly.

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Aries in Love

They like to keep their individualism, rarely adjust to the outside circumstances and hardly make compromises. Because of this, they often see people as enemies, even though this is not the case. Their lives can go to two extremes. Either they are overly euphoric or they are on the verge of desperation. They actively seek the truth and when someone lies to them, they get offended and react harshly. The impulsive and anxious character is their weak spot. If they want a peaceful communication, it’s necessary to control their temperament and to be more diplomatic.

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Male Aries Love Astrology

People born in this zodiac sign aren’t slaves to the conservative points of view. Aries love astrology inclines them to enter a relationship based on physical attraction, which ends really fast. Because of their sexuality, they don’t prefer to commit to only one person. If their partners don’t stimulate them psychophysically, the love life of Aries is often bored and monotonous. Sometimes, they enter a marriage totally unprepared and they base it solely on sexual attraction. This isn’t enough to have a happy and successful marriage. So, it is best to think things through, before taking a big step in love. In other words, they should control their passions and approach the emotional challenges rationally.




The male Aries completely surrenders himself to passion. He has emotional one night stands or brief relationship, which end as soon as the honeymoon period wears off. His psychophysical insecurity is the real reason why he always subdues to temptations. Because of this, he always feels the need to prove himself to others, so he displays himself as fun, interesting and attractive. The male Aries love horoscope inclines him to instantly fall in love. Because of this, he sees his life as a battlefield between passion and emotions, which often ends in sex.




The male Aries, born in the first decade, is often jealous, distrustful and has a desire to dominate his partner’s mental state. Because of his vanity, he destroys his own happiness and he is his own biggest enemy. The intolerance causes him difficulties in his behavior. However, his passionate character leads him to new conquests, so he is rarely alone or isolated. Because of their Amazonian nature and the need to dominate, some of the male Aries choose a weaker partner, who can easily become their subordinate.

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Female Aries Love Astrology

The female Aries, born in the first decade, is as open, direct, doesn’t wait for someone else to make the first step, so she takes action into her own hands. In order to win her heart and tame her temperamental personality, her admirer must be strong and he should stick to his own guns. He also has to be gentle, to awaken her romantic feelings. Sexually, she is very provocative and likes to experiment with different sexual positions. Someone who lacks fantasy or doesn’t have a strong sexual urge doesn’t stand a chance in establishing a relationship with her.




The female Aries, born in the second decade, hates it when someone limits her possibilities to achieve a successful career. Her life concept isn’t based on being submissive, passive and afraid. She prefers to actively stand up to challenges. Also, she yearns to be in the public eye and to show off her intellectual potentials. She is extremely passionate and owns an unusual charisma, so the sexual attraction is extremely important to her.

The female Aries that is born in the third decade doesn’t know how to lie, so she is direct when she breaks up a relationship. When she decides to settle down with the one she loves, she is completely loyal and she self-sacrifices for her home and family. She rarely enters a marriage with someone who has complexes and who doesn’t know how to impose in the society. Female Aries love scope inclines her to seek a partner, who’ll support her career and will give her freedom.

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