Aries Preferences – All about This Zodiac Sign


Learn all about the Aries preferences and discover all of the interesting details about this zodiac sign!


Aries Preferences and Personality Traits

Temperament: They radiate an explosive energy, which is hard to tame and control. Because of this, they find it difficult to communicate with other people. Also, when they are provoked, the Aries react impulsively. However, everyone respects their honesty, righteousness and the ability to tell the truth. Thanks to their brave and decisive nature, they have successes in their careers. However, it’s necessary to be more patient and diplomatic with the Aries, especially when they can’t get what they want.

Intelligence: They are a zodiac sign who can find a way out in every critical situation. Also, they are able to efficiently and energetically react and understand the temptations in life. When they are younger, they don’t spend much time on education. But, as they grow older they set their priorities straight and get the proper motivation to study and work harder. So, be sure that the Aries will use their intelligence to get ahead in life.




Will: Since an early age, Aries are persistent and do everything, in order to achieve their goals. Also, they never back down on their plans and goals. Because of this, other people see them as stubborn and aggressive.

Emotions: Their emotions are based on passion and erotic attraction. Without them, they are unable to truly experience love and become victims of momentary impulses. As a result, these impulses pull them away from the rational and logical point of view. However, when they are in love, they are completely devoted to their partner.

Positive traits: Honest, righteous, passionate, independent, self-reliant, decisive and ready to bravely stand against the limiting factors.

Negative traits: Aggressive, impulsive, bullheaded, insensitive, insensitive and dictatorial.

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Aries Preferences – Attitude and Nature

Attitude towards elderly people: They never show any submissiveness towards older people and don’t allow them to influence what they do. They set themselves as equals, but show total respect.

Attitude towards younger people: Strict, want to impose authority on young people and expect them to follow Aries’s orders. Sometimes, young people fear them, but as time passes by they see the Aries as a role mode.

Attitude towards themselves: They punish themselves for the mistakes that they have made and they never settle with being average. Also, their self-motivation is as big as their ability to discover their own hidden talents and potentials. So, they are always hard on themselves.

Attitude towards money: One of Aries’s main goals in life is to make a lot of money and they easily spend them. They take risks, which often pay off.

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Aries Preferences and Character

Higher character type: They are full of ideas, always take initiative and show their high intellectual values. Also, they fight for other people’s rights and against injustice in the world.

Lower character type: Because they don’t know what to do with their energy, they become anxious, bullheaded, and impulsive. Also, they treat their partner as an object and only care about fulfilling their sexual needs.

Likes: Freedom, passion, uniforms, sport, to dominate, to command, to be known as leaders and initiators, and they love it when other people are dependent on them. Also, they need a profession, where they can think on their own and make their own decisions.

Dislikes: Authorities, being ordered around, poltroons, people without identity, isolation, a bullheaded partner, being second in all aspects in life and the inability to express their potentials.

Their illusion: To be the leader in the universe and to be number 1 in what they do.

Group to identify with: People who are feisty, energetic and who have a radical approach towards life’s temptations. However, they don’t want to be around depressive and passive people.

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Aries Preferences and Celebrities

Historical people: General Kutuzov, George Washington, Emiliano Zapata and Oliver Cromwell.

Hero: Bob Marley, Garry Kasparov, Marlon Brando and Ayrton Senna.

Heroine: Celine Dion, Erica Jong and Simone Signoret.

Typical Aries: Warren Beatty, Lothar Matthäus, Quentin Tarantino, Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal.

Famous Aries: Elton John, Akira Kurosawa, Steve McQueen and Omar Sharif.

Vehicle: Sport car, motorcycle and speedboat.

Best role: General, soldier, surgeon, sportsman, adventurist, explorer.

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Aries Preferences and Favorites

Favorite place: An exotic beach or a gladiatorial arena.

Favorite city: Dublin, Dubrovnik and Berlin.

Foods: Green and red vegetables, spinach, cabbage and also beet.

Drinks: Liqueurs and vodka.




Favorite color: Red, yellow and orange.

Best magazine: “Military history” and “National Geographic History”

Favorite movie: “Scarface” “Golden Fleece” and “The Fall of the Roman Empire”

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Favorite sport: Car racing, motor racing, rugby, boxing and martial arts.

TV show: All shows that main subject is scheming.

Favorite scene: Oasis, palm trees, where they can be surrounded by people from the opposite sex.

Mythology: Jason and the Argonauts.

Best gift: For female Aries: bijouterie, ceramics, hair accessories, vases and chocolate. For male Aries: books, cameras, weapons, unusual objects and typewriters.

Favorite flowers and trees: Tulip, orchids, wild geranium and also a pine tree.

Animals under Aries’s influence: Ram, elephant, spider and panther, as well.

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