Back To Basics: The ABC Of ABC Parties


You can’t call yourself a party animal, if you haven’t been to an ABC party. The Anything But Clothes themed party is a place where you can show off your creativity and party spirit to the full extent.

There is no better party than a themed party.  What better theme than ABC? If you did your fair share of partying in college, you already know at least three ways of making a costume out of toilet paper, but if people still wait for you to RSVP to an ABC party invitation, we’re here to help. ABC stands for Anything But Clothes and that means you’ll have to be more creative than your last Halloween costume you planned for weeks. Starting from how to organize it, to setting the mood and finally what to wear, here’s your ABC to an ABC party.


abc party outfit ideas


Get the Party Started

Want to make a party worth remembering? Make it an ABC party. This type of theme party is not limited to college dorms, but we would recommend you not to propose it as the next Christmas office party. Depending on the people you’re throwing it for, it can pass as a bachelor/bachelorette party. Either way, the golden rule is to keep it classy. The idea is to inspire creativity in other people and admittedly, a bit sass, but all in good taste. If you are a part of the board of organizers, especially if you’re throwing a college ABC party, there are a few things to keep in mind.


ABC Party Tips:

  • have control over the number of people you’re inviting, so an RSVP option is in order;
  • secure the area so that the party will be limited and hire security if possible – you don’t want uninvited people over, or someone who doesn’t respect the dress code;
  • have a few easy-to-put-on costumes at the door for people who “forgot” what kind of party they were headed to;
  • remove all your valuables from the party zone and have clearly visible lounge and dancing zones;
  • Get your ABC party supplies before the guests arrive and put the party decorations on the walls, some Christmas lights on the windowpanes and keep the main lights dimmed ;
  • most important: keep the drinking under control.


abc party costume ideas


The Costume: What to Wear to an ABC Party

As we said earlier, the most important thing when it comes to an ABC party is keeping it classy, and that goes for your costume as well. Anything But Clothes means you need to be creative in so many ways. Putting a black trash bag over through a hole for the head might seem like the easiest way out, but if you are going to a party like this, at least make an effort. The more creative you are, the more fun you’ll be to hang out with. At the end parties are about having fun. ABC party costumes can be leaning towards the sexy side of the spectrum, but do have boundaries.


Improviser or Master of Crafts?

Before thinking about what your ABC costume will look like, you need to decide if you are going to improvise, or really put an effort to it and create something fun. This is an important decision, so be sure that you have enough time to do either of them. If you are good at crafts, you can eschew the theme by creating something wearable out of recycling materials such as a dress made of plastic bags, cardboard or paper wrapping sheets, or a pair of pants made of shower curtain. But, if you want to make it more fun you can improvise all the way and wrap yourself in police tape or use a lamp shade as a skirt. Either way, cover all the parts that might make you feel exposed.


Be Creative, but Safe

The costume you made might look perfect when you’re standing still in front of the hallway mirror, but start failing you the minute you get out of the door or the car. Make sure that everything stays in place by rehearsing some of your moves and positions that you’ll find yourself in during the party, and don’t forget to bring extra material to the ABC party, or even an extra costume in case of a mishap. Toilet paper, aluminum foil, tape and cardboard tend to be unreliable. Also, think if you’ll be able to use the bathroom during the evening without shredding your costume.


ABC Costume Ideas

As we said earlier, you might as well stand out at an ABC party. Put a little extra effort. Here are some materials you can choose from to make your costume: Fruit roll-up wrappers; Glow in the Dark Duct Tape; Colored Saran Wrap; Christmas Lights; Window Screening; Beer Boxes; Toilet Paper; Caution Tape ; Body Paint;  Venetian Blinds; Bamboo Blinds; Towels; Balloons; Shower Curtain; Body Paint; Flags; Space/ Emergency Blankets; Holiday Wrapping Paper; Sheet Metal; Board Games; Curtains;  Sleeping Bags; Crate Foam; CD’s and DVD’s; Vinyl Records; Painted Canvas; Car Sun-Shades ; Lamp Shades; Couch Slipcovers; Couch Cushions ;Table Cloths; Pizza Boxes; Yoga Mats; Duct Tape; Aluminum Foil; Newspaper; Feathers; Monopoly Money.


abc party ideas for girls


ABC Costume Ideas for Girls

You can turn almost anything into a dress, top or a skirt. Everything from the list above that can act as a piece of fabric can be used to make an improvised piece of clothing (still it isn’t clothing, so you’ll be fleek with the ABC dress code). Use duct tape, staple or hot glue gun to piece the outfit together. Add ruffles and fringe to show that you’ve put in extra effort. Accessorize with a feather boa, Christmas lights, or floral stings. You can make a fun corset or strapless top out of cardboard or foil, or a tutu out of wrapping paper. The choices to creating an ABC outfit really are limitless.


abc party ideas for guys


ABC Costume Ideas for Guys

It’s an ABC party, everybody will be weird, so don’t freak out. Whatever you choose to put on, just own it. The best thing is that guys only need to worry about one area being exposed in the ABC costume. Wrap a shower curtain over one shoulder and wear it as a toga, or make shorts out of bubble wrap. Keep it creative with a side of sexy and you are sure to own the next ABC party.