Balanced Diet for Weight Loss


A balanced diet for weight loss is extremely important, if you want to prevent a possible yo-yo effect!


Balanced Diet for Healthy Weight Loss

Before starting any diet we suggest that you consult your physician or nutritionist. Leading a healthy life and losing those extra few pounds are in a tight relationship with a balanced diet. That means that you have to plan your meals and control your meal portions. However, a balanced diet is crucial for weight loss and maintaining a healthy body.


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Balanced Diet Tips with Detoxification

The key to a healthy and balanced diet hides in these few tips and advice. So, take every day at a time and enjoy your new healthy lifestyle.

  • Drink a lot of water. Water is crucial if you want to lose weight the healthy way. Drink 2l water per day and see the wonderful results. You will be surprised how good you will feel and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on some fancy food supplements.
  • Eat more fiber. The lack of fiber is one of the biggest reasons why people can’t lose weight and even add more weight. You need to eat at least 25 grams of fiber a day.
  • Don’t use too much oil. Using the wrong oil can set you back from your goals. Choose unrefined oils. Coconut and olive oil are a great choice.
  • Cleanse the organism. After every meal drink a small amount of lemon juice. Also, start your day with a freshly squeezed grapefruit. However, don’t add any sugar.
  • Avoid sodas, any drinks that have a lot of sugar, alcohol, cocktails and spirits.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy snacks.


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Balanced Diet for Healthy Body Shape

The balanced diet is actually quite simple. Your weight depends on how much calories you intake and how much energy your body uses. If you don’t use all the calories you eat, then those calories convert into fat. So, if the amount of calories you eat is the same as the amount of calories that your body uses, then your weight will remain the same. If you eat more calories and burn less, then you put on weight. And if you eat fewer calories than you burn, then you lose weight. The conclusion is simple. Eat less and exercise more. The result will be amazing. You’ll be healthy, you will have more energy to tackle down the daily obstacles and you will slay with your look. It doesn’t get any better than that. So, don’t make any excuses and start now.


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Balanced Diet for Effective Results

If you want your weight loss to be effective, you have to be constantly motivated. When you are tempted to break the diet, just repeat the reasons why you want to lose weight. Set your realistic goals and take things one step at a time. If you want to lose weight and stay on the right track, set a realistic timescale. Losing weight rapidly can have a negative impact on your body. So, lose weight steadily but surely, around 1.5 pound per week. Monitor your meals. Keep a diary and write down everything that you eat, including the snacks and drinks.


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Balanced Diet for Fat Reduction

In order to ensure the fat reduction and weight loss, you have to follow these three tips.


Step 1

Watch the sodium. Generally, the average woman only needs 500 milligrams of sodium a day. Sodium is consumed as salt and in processed foods, fast food, which has negative effect on your muscles. Also, by consuming more sodium, you can have high blood pressure and it causes bloating to your body. So, avoid it by all means.


Step 2

Don’t overeat at night. By eating a lighter dinner, you’ll have a flat stomach plus you’ll be able to eat breakfast that is rich in fiber. However, if you are really hungry at night, have a fruit, vegetables and other low calorie and low sodium foods.


Step 3

Reduce stress. Too much worrying will take its toll on your health. Stressing out, causes the hormone cortisol to deposit fat in your stomach. Stress is also called toxic weight and it causes cancer, diabetes and heart disease. So, relax, have a deep breath and relieve stress.


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Balanced Diet Habits to Help You Stay on Track

Most of the diets, don’t stress the importance of physical activity. We are all aware that working out is extremely important in order to lose weight. However, after you acquire the wanted weight, make sure that you don’t stop exercising. Having a routine exercise builds and attains muscle, but also gives you extra energy. It is recommended that all people should work out 150 minutes every week. So, pick one sport or a mixture of several workouts and stick to the regime. Once you improve your physical activity, you should consume enough protein to maintain and regenerate the muscles. However, watch out of the different types of protein. Choose lean meat, without fats, such as chicken breast, fish, dairy, eggs, milk, steak, beans, lentils, peas and nuts.




Also, choose the good carbs. Most of the calorie intake come in the form of carbs so be careful what you eat. You can find good carbs in fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating white bread, cookies, all kinds of sweets, because they will only add extra weight. And last but not least, limit the intake of fat. Even though they have an important role, if you choose them wisely and eat a small amount of them, they will improve the blood flow. Fish, olive oils, coconut and avocado are a great source of good fats. Don’t eat any fast food, because it is rich in trans fats, which are extremely bad for your health.


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