Cancer Love Horoscope


Cancer love horoscope characterizes the people born in this zodiac sign as sensitive and romantic. Also, they are sentimental, emotional and intuitive. This intuition leads them through life and help them assess different situations and people. They don’t take any uncalculated risks, unless they don’t know all the possible outcomes. They care about their reputation, over analyze all situations and avoid getting in a relationship that can damage them psycho physically and cause them any negative consequences. The Cancer in love is persistent, emotional and traditional.

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Cancer in Love

People that are born under this zodiac  sign can be easily recognized by their fast mood swings. They cure the moments of depression through isolation and surrendering to sentimental, pathetic and melancholic thoughts. Cancer respect the harmony in home, family and friends. In addition, they’ll do everything for them and will do their best to provide a stable life.

People born under this zodiac sign, are very persuasive, patient and hardworking. These characteristics will help them achieve every goal in their lives. They don’t make rush decisions, and slowly and steadily walk towards their dreams and plans. If they don’t feel secure, both financially and emotionally, they won’t enter a marriage. Their dream is to have a big family. Also, they adore kids and are overly protective of them.

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Male Cancer Love Astrology

The male Cancer has a need to be with someone, who can understand his emotional character. Usually, he doesn’t tie down to someone who doesn’t show any emotions and feelings, or to someone who doesn’t have any interest in starting a family.

The Cancer in love gives a special place to his partner and put her on a pedestal. Also, if he feels that his partner limits his freedom and doesn’t provide enough care for the family, he ends the relationship. However, sexual attraction and passion aren’t the main focus in the love life of Cancer. If the emotional and spiritual differences are insuperable, than physical attraction won’t be enough for sustaining a loving relationship.




The Cancer in love has great expectations for his relationship. He is a loyal, faithful and showers his partner with all of his attention and doesn’t expect anything less in return. When he breaks up a long term relationship, it’s really hard for him to get over it. So, he becomes emotionally closed, he isolates himself and obsess over the past.

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Female Cancer Love Astrology

The female Cancer has an accented motherly instinct and is ready to show her true love whenever, wherever. In order to win over the heart of a female Cancer, one has to offer her unconditional love and protection from the outside world.




He needs to be firm, but also gentle so she will feel safe in his arms. Once she puts her heart on a platter, she mustn’t be ridiculed, criticized or abandoned, because that will hurt her tremendously and over time she will drift away from the beauty and harmony in life.




Sexually, she is very shy. Her breasts are her main erogenous zone, she doesn’t want to have sex with the lights turned on or to be seen naked while she dresses or undresses. She expects her partner to be gentle and gradually conquer her body and soul. Rough and careless sexual behavior will drift her away from the sexual harmony.


I – Decade

The female Cancer, born in the first decade, is gentle, sentimental and family oriented. Having kids and a harmony in the home are her main priorities. Often, she is attracted by an older partner, who can provide her financial security and a progressive career.




II – Decade

The female Cancer, born in the second decade, has a unique sexual attraction, talent in psychology and an interest in parapsychology. It’s necessary that she trust her intuition. Also, she should keep in mind that ups and downs are a constant part of Cancer’s love life. There’s a possibility of fatal and unusual love with a person who has a specific character and who is overly passionate.




III – Decade

The female Cancer born in the third decade is very vulnerable, sensitive and ready to sacrifice herself for those she loves. However, if she doesn’t want the outside factors and influences to create her life, she must develop a braver and more independent intellectual and professional personality.

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