Capricorn Love Horoscope


Saturn, the planet of limitations and hardship rules the Capricorn, the tenth zodiac sign. Because of this, Capricorn love horoscope inclines them to have rational, passive and insecure relationships. The basic psycho physical characteristics of the Capricorn are: patience, endurance, carefulness and diligence. They also have an inborn ability to get through hard times and to approach temptations with logic and responsibility.

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Capricorn in Love

Some of the people born in this zodiac sign spend their youth in building careers. So, there is no time left for a relationship and satisfying the passionate desires. In their later years, they experience a renaissance, and the interest in finding a partner becomes their obsession, which they can’t control. It their youth, Capricorns are interested in more stable and older individuals. As the years go by they’ll turn their focus to younger and more attractive partners. Capricorns are persistent, serious and loyal partners. They should work on their fear of abandonment, the pessimistic way of thinking, their complexes and the convictions that they established in their youth.




The Capricorn with lower character values obsess over the need of financial and professional stability, and don’t think much about love and other people’s feelings. That is way they are characterized as cold, conservative, difficult to talk to, pessimistic and ready to sacrifice everything, in order to achieve professional success.

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Male Capricorn Love Astrology

The male Capricorn doesn’t like to be around big groups of people. That is way he drifts away from people that he doesn’t really know and has a small group of friends. The most important thing to the Capricorn in love is fidelity. He is gives his heart to the love of his life and believes that true love is everlasting. The seriousness and the desire to control other people’s behavior will cause him a lot of obstacles in developing a peaceful and harmonious emotional relationship.

That is way it is necessary to show bigger flexibility, liberality and a sense for adjustment. He rarely manifests passionate vibrations, because to him they are a result of a long term seduction. But, when he falls in love, he completely devotes himself to his partner. Sexually, he has proven himself to be a great lover and he knows how to lead his partner in ecstasy. However, in order to be completely satisfied, the relationship has to be more sensual, gentle and romantic.

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Female Capricorn Love Astrology

The female Capricorn is a brave, dignified and stable partner, who has a solid intelligence and decisiveness. The sexual attraction isn’t her priority and she hides her sexuality deep inside. Only when the female Capricorn is in love, she will reveal her sexuality.




I – Decade

The female Capricorn, born in the first decade, achieves success with great effort and persistence. She’ll receive minimal support and help from her friends and family and because of this she must rely on her own values and she has to have a feisty and responsible approach when dealing with problems. She doesn’t show her emotions easily and fast. A more serious and stable partner attracts the female Capricorn. It’s recommendable that she invests in realty and she should show more interest in dentistry, economy, history, architecture and technology.


II – Decade

The female Capricorn, born in the second decade, may marry someone just to be secured financially. She should decrease her inborn stubbornness, the pessimistic way of thinking and critical approach towards the circumstances in life.




III – Decade

Capricorn’s love life has its ups and downs. So, she needs a partner who will understand her complicated character and will constantly feed her with love and positive energy. The isolation, problems at home and situations from the past will negatively influence her psycho-physically.




The female Capricorn, born in the third decade, isn’t interested at all in adventures, taking risks and unpredictable situations. As a result, she uses her tactics and logic when she is put in front of temptations. In her youth she is shy and doesn’t show her intimate feelings. However, as time passes by, she is able to truly express her psycho physical qualities. In order to attain what she wants out of life, the female Capricorn will need a lot of attention, love, an honest relationship with the people in her life and an intellectual realization.

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