Cool Sweet 16 Hairstyles That Look Good on Everyone


Since you were a little girl, your parents have been taking care of you. They chose your clothes, made your hair, gave you food and a roof over your head. They also chose your school, enabled your hobbies, and so on. They’ve been taking care of you, since you were born and will continue to take care of you even when you turn 50. But today’s topic isn’t about school, or your parents. There are other important things, like making your own decisions and having thoughts on certain things.

The sweet sixteen period isn’t just about fighting with your parents and teachers. There are many good things too. You may feel like people don’t listen to what you have to say, but don’t worry. Most of the sixteen year olds usually feel like this. Right now, you’re probably a full individual, you do your hair, pick your clothes and have your own taste in music, which means that you’re on the path of becoming a grown-up and have your own thoughts on what is right and what isn’t.

Knowing few hair style tricks  can be really useful for every sixteen year old girl. The first step in being trendy is to be well informed. If you’re searching for a new look, or simply an idea to try something different, this article will give you few sweet 16 hairstyles tips that may help you in your quest.


hairstyles for a sweet 16


Everyday Hairstyles

Everyday hairstyles are just as important as all other hairstyles. Rule number one: always look good. Even if it’s a casual walk with your friends, or an ordinary day at school. This time we’ll pay attention to everyday hairstyles for sweet 16.


hairstyles for sweet 16


What you need is a style that can be pulled off very quickly. You don’t want to make an impression that you are messy, right? If you have a curly hair, don’t straighten it. It’ll take you ages to do it. You need a quick and easy hair routine to do in the mornings and still look your best. Make small changes and find the easiest way to style your hair. Make a ponytail, or a braid. When you have more time, try some other sweet 16 hairstyles that will suit you. Ponytails can be made at any time and they can save the day.


sweet 16 hair styles



They work for every hair length, except for really short hair. Find the most suitable style and make it a part from your own sweet 16 hairstyle label. You can wear it neat or messy. Hang your head upside-down, muss it with a hairspray and fasten it in a messy ponytail. Or, comb your hair gently, if you want to go for a smooth look. If you want a wilder look, fasten the ponytail on the top of your head or somewhere in between, loosen the ponytail at the back of your neck, or you can move it to the side. Do whatever you feel like doing, just make sure the ponytail looks right for its purpose, not like you’ve slept on it, got up and went to school. Casual hairstyles are meant to look casual, but still intentional. You can use the same methods for making updos and buns. You’ll just need some extra bobby pins and elastics. Wear it high, low or on the side, it’s up to you.


sweet 16 updo hairstyles



Braids are also an excellent choice for your everyday look. You can do the basic braid, or the French braid. The fishtail braid is a bit more difficult to make. But even though it looks complicated at first,  you’ll quickly get the hang of it. You can learn how to make casual hairstyles, on YouTube and on different websites.


sweet 16 hairstyles for long hair


You can also wear your hair straight, or wavy, with accessories and much more. Also, try some looks on your own and experiment with ribbons, clips and headbands. Make each day interesting by making yourself feel special. Be different and trendy.