Creative Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Poems


Have you ever thought about being romantic? Not everyone can pull off a romantic gesture. As a result of a heart-break people make jokes of that bad situation. They are so honest and sometimes explicit. So, it is safe to say that people like that kind of rough humor. Why? Sometimes, those romantic stuff turn out to be the most shameful thing in the world. And with the power of social media, everything can go viral with a blink of an eye. So, watch out when you plan your big romantic gesture.


Laugh it Out

Rejection is a part of life. It’s no big deal. That’s why people appreciate spontaneous romantic gestures. Still, without those funny stories we wouldn’t be here, talking about this. Various versions circle around the net. Starting from the classic poems to really funny and dirty versions that are inspired by certain events. People love to laugh and make fun of everyday life. Especially, they want to make fun of cheesy lines, which tend to be romantic, but at the end turn out to be pretty pathetic.

There are people who praise the old fashioned poetry. They want to go out, drink a glass of wine or two with the loved one, eat dinner with romantic candles on the table, whisper warm thoughts to each other, and so on. But, also, there are people who find other things romantic. It depends on the person, their environment, family, or love experience. Generally, people try to be romantic at a younger age and see that as a big moment in their future. That happens mostly because of the disappointments we experience. When someone tries to be honest with the person they like, sometimes the other person makes fun of the romantic gestures. That is life. Laugh it out and move on!




Add Some Humor in Poetry

We are grateful for each experience we get, and we always learn how to manage with other similar situations. Sometimes, we even make fun of ourselves. Everyone remembers the “roses are red violets are blue poems”. You can find thousands funny versions of the poem. People have taken it to the next level of creativity. So, don’t be surprised that the poems have turned from innocent and lovable to mean and nasty. And yes, they are hilarious, seriously, we can’t stop ourselves from laughing! Sometimes, we really need some humor to end a dull and hard-working day. Even if it feels wrong!



Now it is time to relax with interesting poems. Read what we have prepared for you next and enjoy..


“Roses are red,
Violets are blue
That dogs stinks
But not as bad as you.”


“Your name is Ned
Your balls are blue
Don’t even think
I would play with you.”


“The weather is sad,
My days are blue,
Give me a nickel,
See how worth are you.”


“I gave you a head
It wasn’t too bad
Your face turned blue
What’s wrong with you?”


“Roses are red
Poems are hard
I think my hand fits
If I touch your ****.”




“Your head is red
That donkey is blue
You look strange
How high are you?”


“You took something borrowed
Something new and something blue,
I just wanted you naked
And **** you.”


“Your eyes turned red
When we were in bed
I ate some garlic bread
Please don’t be sad.”


“Roses are swell
Violets made me a mess
I can’t stop thinking
of that fine piece of ***!”


“Your waffle is red
My tulip turned blue,
What the hell did you do to me,
You dirty whore.”


“Roses are red
She finally got wed
Happy tears were shed
While I ****** her on her husband’s bed.”