Easy And Fun Things To Draw When Bored


If you are one of those people who gets easily bored, and there’s a long day ahead, you probably make plans on how to make time pass quicker. Your morning is gray and dull, your coffee is definitely not working and you feel like hell, or you’re forced to sit in the most boring class ever, because it’s the right thing to do. If you skip it you feel guilty, but if you stayed you would want to kill yourself. Face it, you have to be there.

It can be a nightmare to show up in some places, and you would rather be riding a mule through the desert, naked, without a single drop of water in your mouth with snapping crabs attached to your nipples, than being there. Not every situation in life is fun and exciting. If you’re wondering what to do, we’ve got some ideas that may fill up your free time at work, school, or home. Yes, that occasionally happens too. Got any ideas?


Surrender to your Creativity

How about drawing?  It’s a harmless occupation, you can draw doodles anytime you get bored and pretend you’re working or listening to someone without being noticed. It doesn’t matter if you’re talented or not. There are so many fun and easy stuff to draw when bored. And who knows, maybe you will discover that you have a talent. Many artists have found their talent while searching for a way to kill monotony.

Let ideas go through your mind and take over your hands. When we draw, the brain concentrates on a specific thing. Your hand obeys the orders from the brain that wants to be creative. People can be creative. It’s in their DNA. It’s in your surviving instinct to adapt, manage, and secure your existence. Human progress is based on human creations. Having that in mind, perhaps we can say that it’s in your nature to manage your boredom. Disagree? Let’s leave that for a moment. The question is, do you like to draw? If you have the need to draw things when bored, it’s most likely that you do.



things to draw when bored


The most frustrating thing for everyone is sitting in front of a blank piece of paper. Try not to overthink things and draw the first thing that comes to your mind. Try making sketches or cartoons. What are the most common things to draw when bored? Think about the circles, geometric patterns, blobs, or doodles on your notebook paper you usually draw when you’re nervous. Whatever you put on a paper is good for you.


Overcome Boredom

Drawing is a meditative healing process which can refresh your thoughts. Remember high school? If you weren’t skipping classes, you probably got away from boring ones by drawing pictures the whole time, while pretending that you’re taking notes. If you were clever, you were probably sitting in the first row, looking occupied even though the teacher would notice that, you would be fine with it, because you weren’t bothering anyone. Teachers get it. Adults draw doodles too.


fun things to draw when bored


We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be doing your job during your work hour, on contrary, but if you have spare time to lose, why don’t use it on some creative things to draw. We can’t understand completely what drawing does to the human brain. Still, there are some facts that have been studied all over the world, saying why drawing is good for you. It’s beneficial for accessing the right side of the brain, the creative one, producing serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and norepinephrine. The other side is analytical.

Did you know that drawing improves your memory, and your brain stem gets thicker? Yes, that is true. Your intuition increases,as well as the awareness of your surroundings and the state of alertness, the perception sharpens, and so on. Drawing is like exercising. If you don’t do it often, you won’t be in shape, but if you don’t do it at all, it is most likely that you will become overweight. Learning new things looks hard at first. Start with simple lines on a paper, and slowly follow the direction of your imagination. Don’t go for perfection right away. Make up some own techniques and share some of your own “cool things to draw when bored” techniques with your friends.