Everything You Need To Know About Poetic Justice Braids


Poetic justice braids got their name from the 1993 movie “Poetic Justice” starring Janet Jackson. Her hair set the trend that is making a big comeback right now. Celebrities who rock these braids are Beyonce, Willow Smith and Christina Milian. They are thick and long box braids. The best thing about them is that they are very practical, easy to manage and they protect and promote hair growth. The poetic justice braids are usually worn by African-American women, who like the 90’s vintage look.


Choose the Size of the Braids

Use the Jumbo braids. They come in different colors and give you freedom and creativity with the outcome. You will need a lot of hair packs to achieve a full gorgeous poetic justice braid. You don’t have to go with long braids. Medium or short braids look great, even though the long braids are the most popular choice, because of the original Janet Jackson poetic justice braids.




You can wear this style for a longer time, depending on how you maintain the braids. It is not recommended to keep them more than three months or ninety days. Otherwise your hair will get twisted and it will starts to lock on its own, or even worse you may lose hair! Braid sprays are an inexpensive way to alleviate dry scalp and itching. Natural oils are good for your hair, even when it isn’t braided. When your hair is in a protective style your scalp is prone to dryness, so this is the best way to moisturize it.


How to do Poetic Justice Braids

First, you need to prep the hair. Soak your hair in hot water and vinegar for 40 minutes. This helps to get rid of all the chemicals that may have been applied and to avoid any kind of irritation to your skin. After all this, let it dry. Trim your hair, to your desired length. If your hair is blunt at the ends, you can stretch it, by tightly holding one end of the hair and gently pull a few strands outwards. Don’t pull too hard, because you may pull the hair completely from the bundle. Next, condition the hair to moisten, then blow dry it and finally braid it.




Style the Poetic Justice Look

Poetic justice braids or box braids can be styled in many ways. Janet Jackson, the inspiration behind the trend, made a ponytail out of her braids and tied a turban. Common styles for the poetic justice braids are a high up-do, a fishtail side bang, a twisted lady hairstyle and many more. Poetic justice braids are a diverse and unique way to style your hair. They work great for any occasion, casual or formal. You can also be a rebel and dye your hair, or combine it with any hair color.


Additional Tips:


  • Keep your scalp moist with water, oils are fine too, but not for everyday scalp use, since they can close the pores.
  • Cover your head during the night with a headscarf, to protect your roots from drying and keep your edges fresh!
  • Avoid synthetics and chemicals when moisturizing your hair as much as possible.
  • Don’t wear your hair up all of the time, since the pulling and weight can do serious damage to your hairline.
  • You don’t have to burn the ends, hair care specialists advise to dip them in boiling hot water instead.
  • If the braiding process is too painful for you, it’s a sign that the braids are too tight and you can experience hair loss, so make sure to tell your stylist to adjust or take out the braids if that is the case.

Ladies, this is a long process and no small commitment. The braiding alone can take up to eight hours, but it will definitely be worth it.  The change in your look will be more stylish and compelling.