Fashion Preferences For Each Zodiac Sign


Fashion Preferences for Aries

Aries are always on the go. They are fierce and are ready to grab the world by the balls. No one and nothing will stand in their way, especially extra pieces of clothing and accessories. Because of their adventurous spirit the casual style is most suitable for the Aries. They show their confidence in their everyday style, which is most often in red. Their guideline in life is “When you’re dressed in red, you are bound to attract attention”, so be sure that they’ll dazzle everyone with their appearance. Pants are their all-time favorite piece of clothing and they can easily pull them off with any type of shirt. To cut things short, it is safe to say that fashion runs in their veins.

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Fashion Preferences for Taurus

Taurus have a preference for a luxurious way of life, which they also incorporate in their unique and elegant style. Shopping is their favorite activity, but don’t be fooled if you think that you’ll see them on sales. Their motto is quality over quantity. Taurus are sensual and in touch with their femininity, so clothes in which they can show off their physique are their first choice. They want their attire to be timeless and to set an example in the fashion world as classy and sophisticated. Taurus are not afraid to spice up their look with a statement accessory. Spring is their favorite time of the year, because they can finally amaze everyone in a floral print dress.

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Fashion Preferences for Gemini

Gemini is the only zodiac sign that can pull off every style. From classy to sporty wear, you name it, they’ll rock it. Their mind is always full of ideas and they are not afraid to try new and exciting things. Gemini express their newly gained experiences in their style, which puts them ahead of fashion. Matching different styles, fabrics and patterns is a fun activity for the open-minded Gemini and everyone in their surrounding can’t wait to see what’s the next thing that they’ll wear. Whatever it is, we are sure that it will be amazing.

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Fashion Preferences for Cancer

Fashion comes naturally to this zodiac sign, so it’s no surprise that a lot of fashion designers and models are born under this horoscope sign. When they wear something in white, grey and silver, they resemble Grecian goddesses. Their best physical feature is their cleavage, so wearing low-cut tops and deep V-neck dresses will surely turn heads. Often, they experiment with their clothes and create a new trendy style. Cancer are sensitive and nostalgic, so most of the time they see their clothes as souvenirs and memorabilia. They always have a place in their wardrobe for every single piece of clothing that they have bought or received, even if the clothes are old and torn.

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Fashion Preferences for Leo

The fashionable Leo likes to stick to a more sophisticated and elegant look. They like to be in the center of attention, so they always have a fashion trick up their sleeves. They always plan their outfits carefully before they go out, so that they don’t wear the same outfit twice. Women born in this zodiac sign like to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. Their favorite print is the leopard, and every other cat related print. Leos love shopping. It is their hobby and they can only be found buying designer labels. Their fashion trademark is the statement jewelry. They own them in every shape and size. Unlike their clothes, they don’t care if their accessories are expensive.

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Fashion Preferences for Virgo

Virgos are health obsessed and they really care about their physical appearance. All animals are ruled by Virgo, so it’s no surprise that they are against using real fur for the sake of fashion. However, faux fur is on their must-have list. The fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is born under the sign of Virgo and he quoted that  “You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur”. We couldn’t have said it better. Virgos like to wear clothes that have a lot of fashionable details on them. They aren’t big fans of statement accessories, however they love something small and cute that will enhance their look. When it comes to shoes, black is their favorite color.

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Fashion Preferences for Libra

Libras know exactly how to perfect their style with a touch of accessories. They don’t have to spend a lot of money on designer labels to look sophisticated. Libras are masters of looking classy and elegant, even when they are on a budget. Blue is their favorite color and they look amazing in it and all of its shades. Libras don’t like to experiment with different styles, they stick to one style and perfect everything about it. They get their fashion inspiration from Vogue, which they read cover to cover. However, when they are in the comfort of their home, trousers and a hoodie is all they wear.

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Fashion Preferences for Scorpio

Scorpio is the sexiest sign in Astrology. They are confident, know what they want and don’t let anyone meddle in their life or their fashion choices. Sometimes, the animal prints can look a little tacky, but when it’s styled by the Scorpio, it looks amazing! Wearing sexy lingerie under every outfit helps them stay in touch with their sexuality and they feel more feminine and more self-confident. The color red enhances their look and they are known for their collection of boots. One of their favorite places is the beach, where they can show off their great figure in a black swimsuit. Women born under this zodiac sign have an impeccable taste in fashion and they use their clothes to get ahead in life.

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Fashion Preferences for Sagittarius

The adventurous Sagittarius have their unique way of life, which they incorporate in their everyday outfits. They are always in the mood for travelling and don’t miss out on any opportunity to go on an adventure. Every new experience increases their creativity, which they later show off in their style. Most of their clothes are bought on these travels and that is way their style is diverse. They are fashion-forward and are not afraid to wear something unusual and exotic. Because they are always on the go, they don’t use much makeup and like to keep their hair short.

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Fashion Preferences for Capricorn

The ambitious Capricorn are too obsessed with their work, so they don’t pay much attention to their clothes. They spend a lot of their time working, so wearing something comfortable is a must for this horoscope sign. Often, they wear skirt suits in dark colors, because they think that they look more presentable and authoritative. It’s recommendable that they wear more dresses and embrace their femininity. Just because working is one of the most important things in their lives, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t look fashionable. Also, accessorizing is a great way to upgrade their look.

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Fashion Preferences for Aquarius

Women born under this zodiac sign love to mix some culture into their outfits. So, often their style is inspired from the traditional clothes from China and India. They rock the hippie style and the boho fashion. They like to go on quests after vintage clothes and accessories, which makes their style one of a kind. The maxi skirt is a great choice for the Aquarius, which can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. The over-sized sunglasses are their favorite way to give their style, that little extra edge.

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Fashion Preferences for Pisces

Pisces get their inspiration from the oceans and seas, so it’s no surprise that blue, green and all of their shades are their favorite colors. Also, they love to incorporate nautical details in their outfits. Instead of adding over-sized accessories that will upstage the whole look, they like to mix patterns and fabrics. Often, they like to keep an air of mystery, so they wear an all-black outfit. And as we all know an all-black outfit never looks boring. When they are at home, they use the time to relax in front of their TV, wearing the most comfortable pajamas and sweatpants. Their main passion in fashion is the shoes. They own all styles in many different colors.

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