French Twist – Update Your Hairstyle


Learn how to do French twist hair and upgrade your daily style. Master this hairstyle with these few easy steps!


French Twist Hair

Guess what? The French twist hair is back. This hairstyle was introduced by Audrey Hepburn, so take an advice from this style icon and don’t miss out on this hairstyle. This old-school hairstyle can really upgrade your overall look. Many women do this hairstyle only for special occasions, but our advice is to think outside the box and to incorporate it into your everyday look. At first, it may look complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it is really simple. And the best part about this hairstyle is that you can combine it with any outfit. It will upgrade your look and you will definitely look amazing.

So, why not give it a try? And another great thing about this hairstyle is that it is suitable for every hair length. So, if you have a short hair, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We will break down the French twist into step by step tips. Get ready to rock this style!




French Twist Hairstyles

If you think that the French twist is only for proms and weddings, we are here to prove you wrong. The French twist inspired many other hairstyles which are simple, elegant and modern. The key to this look is the texture. So, let the imperfections fall, which will give you that extra edge to your hairstyle. You have two styling options. Either you can make a sleek French twist sleek, or you can make it messier. Whatever you decide, we are sure that you will look amazing.




If you want to create some modern edge to your hairstyle add some extra volume on top. On the other hand, if you want your look to be more elegant and sophisticated mimic the 1960’s with a double French twist. Another way to do a stylish pony using the French twist is to keep most of your hair down. If you have an ombre hair than the French twist is a must. Show off your hair color with style and dazzle everyone with your stunning look. However, if you prefer the more relaxed look then pull your hair tight in a twist at the back of the head, but let out the ends into a waved ponytail. Another brilliant idea is to incorporate braids into your French twist. Leave out a piece hidden inside the twist to create a peek-a-boo twist.


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How to Do French Twist

Follow these few simple steps to make sure that your French twist is on fleek. First, pull all of your hair at the back of your head. Hold it there with your nondominant hand. With your other hand slip in bobby pins vertically from the bottom up. Walk your hands back to the ends of the “tail” and begin coiling your hair into a roll. Keep twisting your hair. Then pin the rolled side down to the rest of your hair. There is one more thing. Don’t forget to hairspray the twist, because you don’t want it to fall apart as soon as you leave the house. Depending on what you are going for, you can do a messy or sleek look. If you want a sleek look, lightly brush the twist to smooth it down. But, be careful not to press too hard. Told you it was simple and easy!




French Twist for Short and Medium Hair

As we said before, you don’t need long hair to make the French twist. The steps are the same. Part your hair on one side, secure it with a bobby pin and twist it towards the center. If you want to achieve a more casual and messy look, then let a few pieces fall out. Once you are done, secure it with as many bobby pins as you need. Everything should stay in the same place. Super easy right? You can also add some hair accessory to spice up your hair game. Or, you can have fun with it and do some of our previous ideas. Do a few braids before you do the French twist and everyone will fall in love with your hairstyle. And once you master the French twist, you can even do different styles for different occasions to make sure that your look is anything but boring. Everyone will be amazed from your creative and new self.


French Twist for Thin Hair

Having thin hair does not mean that you can’t pull off the French twist. It adds more volume to your hair and you will definitely wear it with more confidence. If you are not sure that you can do the twist on your own, you can always visit a hair salon and ask them to give you a few pointers. One of the greatest French twist hairstyles for thin hair is the messy Mohawk updo. This style will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. The unique woven twist is also a cool idea. It features an amazing back bun with single strands that woven through each other. This look is more elegant and sophisticated, so it is best if you leave it for a more special occasion. If you can’t decide which French twist is your favourite, don’t despair. Experiment as much as you can and you will find the perfect style for you.


We hope that we helped you out. The French twist is especially good if you are in for a busy day and you don’t want your hair to stop you do your everyday chores. Just have fun with it and everyone will try to copy your look in no time.