Gemini Health and Nutrition Astrology


The Cause of Gemini Health Issues

It may seem that Gemini don’t have enough warmth and gentleness, but this is not true. There is a space for the entire world inside their heart. In order not to get hurt, they build walls to keep themselves away from people. However it is necessary for them to have someone to talk to and someone who truly understands them. Often, they think that no one really gets them and that others won’t see who they really are.




Gemini can surprise others with their behavior, because at one moment they are sensitive and they shower their closest to them with feelings and emotions and at the next moment they are distant and cold. By nature they talk a lot. But, even though they say interesting and useful things, they shouldn’t talk in the middle of someone else’s sentence. So, they should be more patient with people that talk slowly. Also, they shouldn’t impose any of their critical remarks on other people and wait their turn to talk. Through their logical and intuitive mind, they can root themselves in the souls of others and to find their psychological and physical weakness.

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Most Common Gemini Health Issues

People born in this zodiac sign are restless and are stressed emotionally. Gemini can rarely relax and be calm. In the medical astrology they represent the nerve system, the shoulders, and the hands and because of this, they get many bone fractures. This zodiac sign also rules the lungs, so even a simple cold or a cough can develop into bronchitis. It’s necessary to pay more attention on their throat, ears, kidneys and liver. In order to feel good, they need to sleep peacefully.




Because of their lungs, which are their weak spot, it’s important for them to spend more time on fresh. Also, they should be careful about their joints, ligaments, allergies, ears, rheumatism. Gemini shouldn’t get easily excited or anxious. They should act in a calm way, because the moody behavior will cause them to experience different situations in life more stressful.


Gemini Mental Health

It is dangerous for the Gemini to live in a surrounding filled with smoke and dust. Because of their fragile constitution of the body, especially their weak ligaments and joints, they shouldn’t carry any heavy loads. Also, they shouldn’t be involved in physical activities that require a lot of effort. Gemini should avoid alcoholic beverages, heavy and overly greasy foods and they shouldn’t eat only one type of food. So, in order to maintain their health, they should eat a more diverse diet. Gemini always seek freedom, independence and opportunities to freely express their talents.




It’s very important that this zodiac sign has freedom, independence and possibilities to express their talents. The harsh intelligence, the ability to adjust easily to any situation and their fast reflexes make them extremely qualified to execute different professional engagements. Their high intelligence and dynamic personality opens up a lot of opportunities for them. That is why they have a chance to experience many situations and to succeed in different professions. Communication is of great importance, especially if there are people who will hear what they have to say.




Gemini Health and Nutrition

Besides sun, vacation, light and fresh air, they also need a nice relaxing scene, even if it is just in their head. They need change as much as they need air and staying in one place for too long will negatively affect their health. They should go to bed approximately the same time, every night and also should take long walks by water, where they can breathe fresh air. Smoking is especially prohibited for this zodiac sign, because cigarettes affect their health more than any other sign.

Also, it is best not to drink too much coffee and they should replace it with more milk, yogurt and tea. Gemini’s organism needs more calcium, which is important for the bones, teeth, ligaments and the joints. They should consummate it more, when they are in a state of psycho physical exhaustion. Foods rich in calcium are green vegetables, sunflowers, peanuts, nuts, carrots, potatoes, garlic, milk, cheese and wheat. In order to regenerate the nerves and to increase their vitality their diet should contain: lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, soy, beets, peaches, pineapples, prunes, apricots and bean pods.

To maintain the brain function, which is more important for the older Gemini, they need antioxidants which are contained in the red wine, cocoa, green tea. Also they need the vitamins E and C which can be found in the southern fruits, red paprika and cabbage. The vitamin E is the biggest antioxidant, it slows down the cell aging process, it provides the organism with oxygen, tones down the weariness and soothes the leg cramps.




Gemini Health and How They Act as Patients

As patients Gemini are disciplined, positive and are loved by everyone. They love to tell and hear jokes. Problems may come if there isn’t a TV in the hospital room.