Gemini Love Compatibility With Each Astrological Sign


Gemini (male) – Aries (female) – Love Compatibility

Both of these signs are independent, take initiative and have energetic spirit. So, the main reason why these two establish a relationship is because of the magnetic attraction, communicative and spontaneous personalities. However, the Gemini’s irresponsibility will annoy the Aries. She hates irresponsibility or if someone doesn’t keep their promises, so she wants a partner who’ll stimulate her sexually without posing questions or influencing her engagements. The Aries will partially fulfill these requests. However, if he can’t freely discuss different topics, he won’t be happy in the relationship.

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Gemini (male) – Taurus (female) – Love Compatibility

The opposing way of thinking and acting will be hard to surpass. The crisis in their relationship will escalate, if they don’t adjust to each other’s personalities. Female Taurus prefers living a secure and responsible way, not allowing the radical changes to tear down the basis of her lifestyle. In relationship with Gemini, she’ll face uncertainty which will later on initiate possessive and unsettled behavior.

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Gemini (male) – Gemini (female) – Love Compatibility

The desire to discover new horizons in life, the curiosity, the youthful spirit and the open communication are the main condition for the Gemini to start up an emotional relationship. Because of their similar personalities, people born in the same zodiac have a need to be challenged and to have a spiritual connection. That is why, when two Gemini start a relationship; they need to be stimulated, because they don’t want a boring relationship with outbursts of jealousy.

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Gemini (male) – Cancer (female) – Love Compatibility

The female Cancer is family oriented, seeks emotional harmony, romance and completion with the partner. Gemini’s psycho physical characteristics won’t inspire or stimulate her affections, on the long run. His psychological instability and the restless emotional nature will be the root of all problems. The female Cancer doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t show attention to his family. On the other hand, the Gemini will avoid her because of her possessiveness, passivity, and self-pity.

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Gemini (male) – Leo (female) – Love Compatibility

Leo wants someone positive, intellectual and funny by her side. Gemini owns these qualities and with his charming approach, the proud Leo will instantly fall under his spell. By nature, Gemini is indecisive and prefers if someone else organizes his schedule, motivates him and protects him when things get hard. Leo gladly helps him with these requests, which is a pointer that this relationship has a good chance to be everlasting. Especially, if the Gemini is spiritual, successful and prepared to make Leo’s eccentric wishes come true.

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Gemini (male) – Virgo (female) – Love Compatibility

Mercury influences both of these zodiac sings. Because they take different approaches when solving their life problems, things will get hard. Virgo is careful and perfectionist, who seeks an ideal and harmonious love. The unstable Gemini won’t satisfy her needs for an emotional fulfillment. On the other hand, Gemini can’t tolerate Virgo’s critical attitude, so except for an intellectual stimulus, he won’t find anything substantial to start up a relationship.

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Gemini (male) – Libra (female) – Love Compatibility

The female Libra is interested in art, beautiful things and contact with the public. Gemini is one of the greatest lovers, with a potential to live up to Libra’s high criteria. These two signs can have a great interaction and after the adjusting period, they acquire common interests in romance. They should make time for friends, travel and different group activities, because isolation and passive life can really damage them. It’s recommended to avoid Aries, in periods of crisis, because there’s a possibility of creating a love triangle.

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Gemini (male) – Scorpio (female) – Love Compatibility

The female Scorpio is mysterious, knowledgeable and powerful. Gemini wants to uncover, hidden things, so the curiosity and the desire for erotic passions will lead them towards a dangerous challenge. Because of the opposing characters, they’ll face a lot of problems. Scorpio’s need to control everyone and Gemini’s logical and intuitive judge of character will cause them serious crisis and limitations. Without setting a wise and patient balance, they shouldn’t expect a happy ending.

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Gemini (male) – Sagittarius (female) – Love Compatibility

These zodiacs have more similarities than differences. They like freedom, travel, friends and meeting new people. They’ll strengthen their relationship if they share common interests in sport, cultural manifestations and taking long walks. Through these activities, they’ll channel positive and creative energy. These two will eliminate monotony by being in constant action. Also, if they have an active sex life, this relationship has a potential to succeed.

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Gemini (male) – Capricorn (female) – Love Compatibility

Difficult emotional relationship. The female Capricorn is disciplined, stubborn and also conservative. She’ll hardly decide to be with someone who won’t respect her personality, professional obligations and family values. Gemini’s irresponsibility, instability and incompetence to do what he’s promised will irritate the Capricorn. That is way it will be hard on them to have a peaceful relationship.

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Gemini (male) – Aquarius (female) – Love Compatibility

The Aquarius is extremely original, progressive, creative, intellectual and wants an unusual partner. Gemini is superficial, but intelligent and with his lively and energetic attitude will attract the female Aquarius. Both of them are curious and independent and want constant challenges and temptations in life. However, if they are on a higher spiritual level, they’ll have a great love connection.

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Gemini (male) – Pisces (female) – Love Compatibility

The cultural manifestations, the devotion for art and refined style are their main common interests. Also, Pisces’ charm and inner beauty attract the Gemini. He’ll win her over instantly, especially because they can’t stay indifferent to mystical, loving and spiritual women. However, the different opinions will harm their relationship

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