Gemini Love Horoscope


The planet Mercury, a messenger of the gods, symbol of communication and reason and mediator between the abstract and the concrete rules the Gemini. Because of this, Gemini are intellectually curious, with great speaking skills, eloquent, spontaneous and capable to think logically. Gemini that have low character values are two-faced, liars, dubious, irresponsible, heartless and superficial.

They lack concentration, so they often change the subject in the middle of the conversation. However, their inborn ability to talk fast can get everyone’s attention.If Gemini’s love life or career is controlled by someone or something, they can’t keep a cool head. Throughout their life, Gemini act like big children that don’t ever want to grow up or grow old. They are youthful, so age doesn’t mean that much to them. They easily adjust to new things in life, brought out by the progressive and original way of life. It’s necessary to distance themselves from the conservative and limiting influences of the outside world. Also, they shouldn’t let monotony and boredom root in their life.

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Gemini in Love

Gemini in love, are masters of flirting and seduction. They have a way with words, like no one else. Also, they see love as a game and they approach their partner the same way. They expect to find their other half in their partner, without whom they can’t have a spiritual and emotional relationship. This means that they can’t stand loneliness and isolation and this motivates them to openly approach love. Their freedom shouldn’t be limited, not even for a second.

They want their marital partner to be someone with whom they can share their interests and who can be an equal in all aspects of life. Gemini love scope inclines them to be unfaithful. Especially, if their marriage is boring and monotonous. Or, if they are kept away from having an honest communication and they lack sexual attraction. In this case they won’t hesitate to try the forbidden fruit. However, if they feel an emotional and spiritual connection to their partner, they wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their happiness.

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Female Gemini Love Astrology

The female Gemini is very popular in her group of friends. She is always happy and is always ready to meet new people and to flirt. She wants to toy with other people’s emotions without thinking about them at all. This kind of behavior leads her to awkward situations and she weasels her way out of them with the help from her spontaneous and provocative nature. Monotony and the conservative approach kill the relationship, so she always tries to spice things up and make their liaison more original and diverse. Also, open communication and being liberal, are extremely important to Gemini’s love life.




The professional engagements and her need to be in the center of attention, don’t allow her to spend too much time in her own home. However, she can perfectly balance her career and her home life. Gemini in love is sexually curious and she wants to discover and test her partner’s endurance. In order to avoid boredom, she often initiates car sex, sex in nature or somewhere out in the open, especially when she travels.

The female Gemini, born in the first decade, has a youthful spirit, is intellectually curious and has a need to experience different satisfactions. She isn’t a slave to prejudice, bravely rushes towards excitements, but runs away from monotony. In a relationship, she is liberal and independent and doesn’t start a relationship with a jealous and possessive partner.

The female Gemini, born in the second decade, is charming, communicative, talented and she always has a smile on her face. She likes to have fun, to interact with the outside world and follow the fashion trends. A partner, who is open in his approach, is inventive and capable to accomplish success in his career is a great match for Gemini and exactly what she needs.




The female Gemini, born in the third decade, will continuously experience ups and downs in life. She shouldn’t rush into marriage. If she chooses to spend her life with a jealous partner, she’ll have a disharmonious and an unsatisfying relationship.

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Male Gemini Love Astrology

The male Gemini isn’t a possessive or jealous partner. He has an interesting personality, has a way with words, he is fun and sociable. Also, he yearns for excitements, wants to go out and to expend his life horizons. Because of his curious and adventurous spirit, the male Gemini is always ready to take matters into his own hands. Conventional relationship and jealousy drain him emotionally. In addition, he needs a partner who can stand up to him intellectually, excite him sexually and keep up with his unusual interests.




If he finds a partner who will give meaning to his life and who will direct him on the right path, he’ll be ready to settle down and start a family. Those who like to seduce him and be a part of Gemini’s love life should be inventive, full of surprises, open for communication and they have to be original. However, they should keep in mind that he doesn’t have a strong sexual urge. Also, he isn’t capable to sustain a passionate and challenging sexual relation.

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