Get the Beach Wave Perm Hairstyle this Summer

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Everyone loves the I-woke-up-with-this-perfect-curly-and-almost-flawless-hair. With a little effort that can be your look too. Committing to curly hair is easy. The waves can be cool and soft, they’re easy to manage and give that natural look everyone goes for. If you have a long hair and want to experiment, give it a try and do a beach wave perm? Let’s start with the “less is more” idea.

Remember the windswept look with a half-up side twist that Odile Gilbert created at the Rodarte Autumn/Winter 2011? We loved that look! There’s something sexy about tousled hair and the natural texture that contributes to this healthy, girlish, strong expression. The wavy hairstyle made a comeback and created a whole rearrangement of styling in the beauty industry. John Frieda brought back the beachy style with Beach Blonde, bringing fresh and touching professional treatments. Once again, the messy hair became a trend. As we said before, some recommend the beach wave hair perm, which isn’t a bad idea. Still, we should discuss the pros and cons.

People with naturally straight hair have trouble getting the actual surfer-girl locks look. Many chemicals are used during this process and your hair has that funny smell for weeks. Many experiences showed that a perm can be tricky, because you get the wanted look after few weeks. It depends on the level of puffiness you want to achieve. Chemicals aren’t good for your hair, especially if it’s damaged. Our advice for you is to consult a stylist, who is well familiar with chemical hair restructuring. However, beach wave perms are actually quick and easy to maintain. And it’s so much fun when you see the beach wave perm before and after photos!


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Curly Hairdos

Curly hairdos make a difference. They bring freshness and make your face younger. Getting soft perms is an excellent idea for women who want extra excitement in their life. So, the question is, are you beach-hair ready? Do you want to make a change that will allow you to have fun every day, and will give you both freshness and tidiness? Everyone needs change eventually.

There’s a new (and a lot safer) professional treatment that attracts attention from Japan. It’s digital, where the infra-red and the roller-size are digitally set to infuse a serum into the hair. In just a few hours you’ll get something similar to perm that will last for months. Clearly, It’s far friendlier to use than chemicals. This infrared technology offers a new curling solution and creates beautiful loose curls. All you need is some salt-sprays or curling creams to freshen up the surfer look. The product is the key. So, make sure you don’t choose a sticky one, or your hair will lose its natural look. You must apply the products on a completely dry hair, or before you dry it. Before you use the product, read the instructions carefully.


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Perfectly brushed locks have become overrated and people don’t like the wet poodle look. Apart from beach wave perms, there are more ways to embrace the mess and fuzz without any perm. You don’t need a comb, just add a bit of texture spray, let your hair be free and your locks get crazy. Embrace the wildness of style! So fresh and voluminous, so feminine!


Windswept Hair

Windswept hair can be as cute as the beach wave perm. You need to get to know your hair a little bit, the advantages and disadvantages. Also, learn how to turn the flaws into a natural perfection. However, beach wave perm doesn’t require many concerns about second-day hair. Every hair sometimes looks a little too swooshy in the morning. There’s a solution for that too. Brush your hair underneath and your frizz look will revive again. If you don’t feel like going wild, try a messy ponytail instead.

Guys like it when girls have that natural look, when they wear jeans and a cardigan, with a natural wavy hairstyle. Many of them find that extremely sexy. They have no idea that even the natural look isn’t coincidental. Even guys I-get-up-and-I-do-not-take-care-of-my-hair is a pure lie. Everyone has their own little secret.


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