How Does It Feel To Have Shoulder Length Curly Hair?


Start owning your shoulder length curly hair! Curly hair is always in fashion, since it isn’t such a common style. No matter whether you have natural curls or straight hair you can be a queen crowned in her curls. Giving proper care to your curly hair can be a little complicated. There are many tricks you need to know about washing, drying and styling the hair. No worries, we will help you discover all the secrets and enter the curly world.  Our duty is to help you get your hair basking in its gloriousness, so choose your hair crush. Feel free and happy to be curly!


Different Types of Curly Hair

Taking a look at the curly culture, several types appear on the scene: coily, curly, kinky, wavy etc. Probably you’ve seen them all and instantly fell in love with these happy curls. Even though, curly hair is absolutely stunning, oftentimes the curls won’t cooperate and you may have a hard time styling them. Here are some tips on how to style shoulder length curly hair!




How to Style Curly Hair

Let’s start with the usage of a proper shampoo and conditioner. Curly hair is likely to be dry, therefore only use quality products that respond to the texture of your shoulder length naturally curly hair. After washing your hair just squeeze out the hair to release oneself from surplus water. It is recommended to use an old cotton T-shirt instead of a towel. Then, appoint the style while it’s still wet.

This helps to keep the moisture which leads to long-lasting, beautiful and gentle curls. Important thing is not to use hair brush for combing your curly hair. We suggest air-drying, or dry it with a diffuser which gives volume to the locks. The fluffier the better. Lastly, in order to rehabilitate the glance of your curly shoulder length hair, you can supply additional shine with the assistance of products intended for curly hair such as spray, cream or foam.


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Take Good Care of your Hair

Insuring proper care also includes regular cuts, because damaged ends induce messy locks. You can cut the hair so that it would be fuller towards the roots, and thinner at the ends. This does not permit the hair to get heavy at the end. Another idea is shoulder length layered curly hair which establishes big, rich look. For those with straight hair who want to get the retro feels, try out something that was a total hit in the 80’s – perm hair. What a way to give your hair a wild look! There are also a lot of other alternatives, but you need to know that curly hair can be very difficult to cut. That is because different kind of curls have different needs, but since you have picked the right hairdresser we are sure you will have the right cut.

Natural curls can be hard to handle and that can be frustrating. We are here to help! Let’s see some of the hairstyles for shoulder length curly hair that will let you make the most of the gorgeous texture. First of all, tightly volumized curls are perfect for a braver look. Afro hairstyle, as well, in combination with a unique outfit for the day makes a powerful impression. A great shoulder length hairstyles for thick curly hairstyle is “half-up half-down” hairstyle. It takes a few minutes to style and makes a strong statement.




If you want a cute hairstyle for your shoulder length curly hair then consider retro. Loose locks which ooze sexiness are suitable for those who prefer a more romantic look. Who says you cannot pair curly hair with bangs? On the contrary, adding bangs softens up your look and makes your hairstyle feminine. So raise your game and rock your shoulder length curly hair with bangs! If you feel like you want to change the hairstyle to something less extreme, take a look at these ideas for shoulder length curly hair updos.


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Shoulder Length Curly Hair Updos

High center ponytail can save you time when you’re late for a night out, so let  the curls sway gracefully. Hair bun is also in, whether it’s messy fitting your casual look or a neat, well-formed bun for dressy occasions. Speaking of elegancy, knotted updo for shoulder length curly hair consists of twist going through the middle part of the hairstyle. Either way, the key to the perfect curly hairstyle is a supreme cut, adequate hair products and choosing something you are comfortable with.

Shoulder length curly hair is definitely a love and hate relationship and the owners of this hairstyle sure know enough about this. Giving proper care and styling your curly hair can be an artwork and you’ll need time to make yourself master of your curls. But don’t forget, once you do, the result is remarkable. In conclusion, the best tip we can give you is to take care of your curls and maintain them tender. Shoulder length curly hair is a great hairstyle on its merits, so be proud-you’ll always look fabulous. If you have curly hair, you don’t need to care!