How To Clean Suede Shoes The Right Way


Do you like wearing suede shoes? Suede shoes are the ideal investment for everyone’s wardrobe. Why? They are suitable for many occasions, whether you’re going for a weekend look, or you need them for a slim fit office suit occasion. And maybe the best reason above all, they are so comfortable and easy on foot. Other than that, are you familiar with how to clean suede shoes techniques? Or, to be more specific, do you know anything about this material?


Suede Shoes

For those who don’t know what suede really is, we’ll tell you right away. It’s actually a type of leather which is made from the underside of the skin, like from lamb skin, goat calf skin or deer skin. The lambskin is mostly used. Suede is less durable than the standard one, but it’s a lot softer and it does not include the tough exterior of the skin. Besides shoes and other accessories, suede is used for furniture, like upholstery, and also as a material for making shirts, jackets, purses, and so on.

Unfortunately, because of their open pores, they absorb water easily and can become dirty even more quickly. Yes, they’re prone to have stains, scratches and scuffs. However, with a good and careful treatment, there’s no doubt that they will last for years. We guarantee they will soon become one of your best shoe friends. Try to spend all day in your favorite suede shoes and feel the difference.

Having suede shoes asks for constant care and responsibility. Most of you who own at least one pair might know the essence of shoe maintenance. If you don’t know how to clean suede shoes, don’t worry.We have a solution. We’ll show you few cleaning tricks and techniques that might help. It’s really important to learn how to get stains out of suede shoes. And marks too.


how to care for suede shoes


Get your Suede Cleaning Kit

The first thing you need to do before cleaning is having suitable equipment. Logically, if you want to learn how to clean suede shoes, you go to the store and buy a whole suede cleaning kit. Before doing anything, see what the manufacturer suggests. A suede brush will be your main tool. We already know that suede is very sensitive to liquid, so before cleaning

them, you need to make sure they’re dry.  Remember that you always need to brush gently, not back and forth, but towards the same direction. Your shoes will fresh up and look good as new. If you have to remove scuff marks, you brush them back and forth. While brushing in both directions, move the suede brush more energetically.

As we said before, suede shoes can easily get marks. They can even get marks just hanging in the closet. Some marks may seem irremovable, so there’s a special suede eraser for that. Other than that, you can use crepe rubber or a pencil eraser and rub the marks out. This time rub slow and gently. Once you’re done, protect them by using a protector spray that will help you avoid additional marks or stains.


how to clean suede shoes at home

More Techniques to Clean Suede Shoes

There are many other ways for you to learn how to clean suede shoes, or how to get dirt stains out of suede shoes. For example, if you’ve noticed certain unknown stains and you don’t know how to get rid of them, we suggest you get a nail brush. Do the scuff technique with a suede brush, before you use the nail brush. If the stains are greasy, it means they are more difficult to treat, so use warm water. Oil stains can look pretty bad on shoes and can be hardly removed. If they’re still wet, sprinkle the stain over with a cornstarch. Leave the shoes to dry and the next day, brush it away. Don’t push too hard of the suede when brushing.

If you are cleaning dirt, leave your shoes to dry. It will be easier to remove the big pieces and brush away all dirt from them. As you can tell, suede shoes aren’t for rainy season. However, they are irreplaceable when it comes to elegance and comfort. These techniques come always in hand when you’ll need them. Respect your shoes and you’ll respect yourself. There are many people in fashion who share the same opinion about people and shoes: if you want to find out something about someone, you just need to take a look at the shoes.


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