How To Combine Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

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Red hair color became a really popular trend this autumn, especially because of the wide-palette choice of shades. This color is  known as wild and fierce. Also, if you add the right highlights, your hair will look like it’s on fire. Have you ever dyed your hair red with blonde highlights? If not, we suggest that you do it right away. Be careful though, both colors have to be wisely combined, or else it could  be a disaster.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment. On contrary, the fall/winter season is a perfect opportunity to try this out. Pick the color that works best for you. Most people choose darker shades during the winter, such as mahogany red, chocolate cherry, bright red, black cherry and combine them with lighter highlights.


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Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

The red hair with blonde highlights combo can also work as an accessory. You can occasionally add different highlights and make updates as the season changes. Highlights are a great way to experiment with your hair. If you have dyed your hair bright red, some blonde highlights will freshen up the look. Add some fiery attitude to your hairstyle. The red color works best for women, who know what they want.

Choose a red shade from the color palette. The blonde highlights will help you balance the look. The red color is versatile and timeless. Seek out some professional advice from your hairdresser. You’ll need help in choosing the best color that will match your personality. We can also give you some suggestions. We can choose a red shade together, or give you an idea that will help you make the right choice.




Shades of Red

For example, mahogany is a trendy shade and possibly the main color for this season. The color is easier to achieve on dark hair. The good thing is that you don’t have to use bleach. Mahogany red hair could look great on you, if you add a few blonde highlights to your locks.

The chocolate cherry shade can be a nice choice. It’s a little different than other shades. It’s based on brown hair color and it’s less drastic. Still, with the right highlights it can be really hip.

Speaking of dark shades, this time we have the darkest red shades in mind,  the black cherry and the cherry coke. They’re a mixture of red and brown color tones. If you have a naturally darker hair, the cherry coke combination will suit you nicely. Don’t exclude the black cherry. If you’re going for a brownish tone, rather than a red one, pick this shade. If you feel fiercer, then perhaps, you should pick a bright red shade that will give your hair more depth and thickness.



Consult a Professional

Consult your hair stylist and decide about the color intensity and ask if you need to use bleach. You can try different shades of bright red,  copper red, intense red (if you’re going for an orange tint), light burgundy blonde, dark red blonde and so on. Red hair with blonde highlights looks great on a short emo-jagged hairstyle, or you can streak the edges and get a sparkling effect. The most important thing about highlights is to adjust the new hair to your style. Be careful not to mess it up, blonde highlights are a delicate matter.

This means that you should consult a professional. A professional knows which highlights will look better on your base color, especially if you use bleach. This, by default, damages your hair. Your hair stylist will help you achieve the look and  keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Red hair definitely tells a lot about your personality. You need a lot of guts to go through with it. If you definitely decide to go for it, you’ll portray yourself as a brave person, who is ready to rule the world. We love that attitude.


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