How To Do Hookah Tricks – For Beginners

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Hey there smokers! Want to learn some hookah tricks? These smoke tricks are really interesting and fun to do around people, and they can be a kind of attraction. We share with you some hookah tricks for beginners that are easy to learn. Bubbles, rings, French inhale, smoke hearts  are few of the tricks. Do you think you will be able to perform them?


Hookah Tricks for Beginners

Hookah is a complex smoking pipe, which originated in the Middle East and it dates back to the Ottoman period. Modernization and globalization of the world enabled people to smoke hookah everywhere. Some of the advantages of smoking hookah are the hookah tricks. They are smoke tricks that involve making forms out of the smoke. Hookah smoke tricks cannot be made with every kind of tobacco. The hookah smoke i.e. the vaporized smoke is denser and whiter, therefore it’s more convenient for these tricks. We share with you how to do hookah tricks.


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Smoke Bubbles

You all know how to make bubbles out of the dishwashing liquid. You all played with them when you were younger. Now, when you are all grown up, you can make the same tricks, but with hookah smoke.

For this cool hookah trick you will need a hookah pen, a bowl, dishwashing liquid, and a straw. First, pour some dishwashing liquid  into the bowl and then a small amount of water. You need less water than dishwashing liquid. Otherwise, the bubbles won’t be strong and you won’t be able to make them big. Take the straw and put it in the “mix”.  Next step is to inhale the hookah smoke through the pen. Right after that,  take the straw, and remember: DON’T inhale once you blow the smoke through the straw. Keep your breath, and slowly exhale. After that, you should be able to see the hookah bubble growing from the other side.


Shotgun Smoking

In order to perform this  trick, you need to find someone, who is also interested in hookah tricks. Since it is a partner trick, it is considered as a sociable game and it’s very often done at parties. The only thing you need, other than a partner, is a hookah pen. Decide who will do it first. Take as much smoke, as possible, and hold your breath. Approach your partner and position yourself in front of him/her. You should both open your mouth and exhale the smoke with the same speed as your partner inhales and vice versa. This is really cool to watch because it looks as if you were changing souls. It’s diabolical.


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Smoke Rings

This is a hookah pen smoke trick, and one of the most popular. It is really easy to perform. First, inhale smoke, as much as you can, and then hold your breath. Open your mouth in an O shape and blow some smoke out of your mouth, then do the reverse hiccup, which means to inhale a bit, after you exhaled the smoke. This is one of the easiest smoke hookah tricks.


French Inhale

French inhale is not the French kiss of smoking. This hookah trick is a bit more complex, yet easy to learn. First, you should bear in mind that you shouldn’t inhale the smoke in your lungs, but keep as much of it in your mouth. This brings us to the next step, the direction of the smoke that comes out of your mouth should be towards the nose. In order to perform this, put your bottom lip forward, so that the smoke can pass upwards. The last step needs your fullest concentration. Inhale the smoke coming out of your mouth through your nose. Yes, at one moment you should be able to switch from mouth-exhaling to nose-inhaling. Voila!


Smoke Hearts

If you and your partner are smokers, here is a romantic hookah smoke trick. Before you do this trick, you should already know how to make smoke rings. It is practically the same technique, just a bit more complex. For starters, you have to be in a room where there is no wind or any kind of ventilation. Blow a big and thick smoke ring. Once the smoke is out, you should make a small wind to make a curve on top of the smoke ring and form a heart. One way to do this is with your hands. Wave one hand on top of the ring and this will form the ring into a heart.

There you go, now you know how to do hookah tricks. These are a couple of super interesting and cool hookah smoke tricks for beginners. Remember, practice makes perfect!


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