How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work


First and foremost, before we get to the really great long distance relationship advice, you have to know that having a long serious talk with your partner is a must. You really, really, really have to be on the same page! And the reason is simple, you don’t want to spend one, two, or even more years waiting and yearning for someone who simply moved on. Or is doing the whole long distance thing out of some screwed up sense of loyalty to you and ends up breaking up with you the moment they physically come back in your life. So, do yourself a favor and have that make it or break it talk with your lover.

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Hold on to a Personal Object

After it has all been said and done, you’ve clarified that your love is strong enough and worthy of the extra mile between you two. Did you give him/her something of yours, something physical, or something that even smells like you? Well, something worn once or twice, just enough to carry your sent away with it. But on second thought, this might not be for everybody. So just exchange jewelry, such as your favorite necklace, or ring, or even your favorite action figure. Quality long distance advice right there. But in all seriousness, having something that you can physically hold onto helps.




Try to Communicate Regularly and Creatively

The internet is amazing! It provides you with everything you need. Especially, when talking about advice about long distance relationships. For starters, there is Skype, and every other billion video chat app available for free. This is a no-brainer, get it, use it, love it, and most importantly stay connected. Make video chat dates and laugh with each other. And then there are even video games. You don’t have to just sit in front of a computer grinning or typing at each other. You can also do a million other things on it. Like shooting Nazis, flying planes, murdering monsters, or even playing cards or board games. Yes, the internet is truly amazing.





Know Each Other’s Schedules

One of the best pieces of advice for long distance relationships is to stay in touch every day. Even if you think it is silly, even if people around you make fun of you. Texting your loved one, two or even more times per day is not a crime. When you text him/her, they will know that you are thinking about them, and even more importantly, miss them. The biggest mistake people make with this sort of thing is expecting an immediate response and getting angry when they don’t get one. Everyone has work hours or other responsibilities. It is practically impossible to spend your whole day waiting on random messages, no matter how much they would love to do exactly that. So, be patient and satisfied, and everything else will fall into place


Trust Each Other

The next relationship advice is, drum roll please, don’t play emotional games or test your partner on how much they care about you! This should be a given, something silly even to mention. But contrary to logic, almost every single couple has done this at some period of their relationship. Well, while being at long distance, this just might be the worst thing you can do if you really care about your partner and want to stay together with him/her. So, keep that in mind, don’t try to manipulate, or play games, or even just joke about things that you don’t ever want him/her to take even the tiniest bit seriously.




Avoid ‘Dangerous’ Situations

Trust your partner, but at the same time avoid situations which can end up complicating your relationship. And this little golden nugget should go doubly when talking long distance relationship advice for men. If you are happy with your relationship, and life in general, except for the long-distance fact, you probably wouldn’t feel the need to go to raves and crazy college parties. And if all of your friends are going, and you really want to go for some reason other than hooking up, discuss it with your partner, tell them how much that means to you and why, and in short, no matter how silly it might sound, get permission.

And finally, the most important long-distance dating advice you can get, and have to keep in mind is to know that at the end of that long wait, it is all worth it. Don’t forget to send photos. Lots and lots of photos. You have to keep in mind why you are doing the whole long distance thing. And allow yourself the patience to reach your happily ever after.