How To Wear Knee High Socks


Knee high socks are a cute and stylish fashion accessory that is just right for the chilly weather. You can wear them with jeans, skirts and shorts, high heels and boots. There are inexhaustible styling options for knee high socks and they always add a special dimension to your outfit! Knee high socks can be styled for any occasion. You can wear them in sporty, street, casual, fancy and plenty other styles. Every girl must have a couple of pairs, because they are very practical and purposeful. Here are the many ways to style and wear knee high socks!


Dark and Mysterious 

By wearing all black knee high socks, you can achieve a goth-inspired look. You can use them with a high waist mini skirt, a long skirt and a variety of shirts and sweaters. A long sweater may be worn as a dress with high socks. A plaid dress works well with them too.


Snow Queen 

Wearing knee high socks with high boots makes them shine in a brighter way, long socks are a super trend for the winter months! A striped shirt, skirt and black thigh highs will give you a classic combo. In the coldest period of winter, you may even layer winter knee high socks over jeans or pantyhose and under boots. This will provide you with plenty of warmth and fashion-forwardness. You can also wear them at home, and be comfortable.


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Pretty in Rainbow 

If you wear multi colored socks, or socks with an eye catching pattern (like preppy argue socks), the rest of your outfit has to be very plain and solid. This way you’ll keep the attention to the socks. If you combine them with something as striking as the outfit, it will be a failure, as the eye won’t know where to focus. If you are set on using multiple prints patterns or colors you have to be careful how you combine them, otherwise it may end up a colorful mess.


Casual Chic 

Mixing casual with the thigh high socks creates a chic juxtaposition of playful, effortless and sexy! So, if you want to look stylish and pulled together at the same time, you need to balance it out so it doesn’t come across as a schoolgirl look. Other styles that won’t make them look dramatic are oxfords, anything with a rounder toe or sturdy heel. Balance is definitely the key here! Pairing the knee socks with shorts and boots is a good idea for a casual outfit, make it sporty casual with some high or low rise sneakers! This look is perfect for the spring days when it is not  warm enough to wear shorts, but you just can’t wait anymore.




School Girl Look 

Everyone can get the classic schoolgirl look with knee high socks. To achieve this look you should choose knee high socks in dark colors such as black, gray or navy blue. A skirt paired with a short blazer pulls together the preppy look. The shoes make the outfit. Definitely opt for oxfords, saddle shoes, loafers or flats. It can be mixed with sophisticated make up, earrings and of course, a shoulder bag!


Mature and Sophisticated 

You can avoid looking too youthful while wearing knee high socks, if you know how to put together a sophisticated outfit. The knee high socks can look very stylish, if you combine them with an elegant dress. So, without showing too much skin, you can show off your legs. An above the knee dress would look great. This look works best with sturdy high heeled boots.

If you decide to wear knee high boots, only the top of the socks will be visible. If you want the socks to be more visible, it’s better to opt for ankle boots. It is so easy to build an outfit around knee high socks. They are a main fashion statement. The idea is to let the socks say everything about their fashion sense and to keep the rest of the outfit fairly low-key and classy. Choosing the right knee socks is the starting point for building a stylish outfit.

Knee high socks can be seen in all kind of patterns, stripes and colors. They are fun, but if you want to wear a bright pair, make sure the rest of the outfit is neutral. Women with muscular legs should wear higher socks. Ribbed socks make the legs look leaner. Women with straight legs find the knee high socks flattering, because the socks emphasize the calves. Skin colored socks are good for women with shorter legs because they elongate the legs.

Black thigh socks are the best! Gray, cream, brown and white are also very good. Other unique socks are: rib knit, sheer, crochet, opaque etc. It is much different than plain cotton. Scrunchable and cuffable socks are good for a cute laid back look. If you are fan of quality and luxury, good brands are: Wolford, Aristoc, Levante, Falke and many more.