Ideal Hairstyles For People With Round Face

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If you don’t know how to tell that your face is round, we know a small trick that’ll help you. Take a lipstick and trace it around the outline of your face (exclude the ears). A round face is usually as wide as it’s long. Not always, but close enough. They have that pleasant and childish look appeal. If your face is rounder than you would like, you’ll need some face-slimming hairstyles. The goal is to make your face appeal oval shaped. To make the best out of your genes we suggest several hairstyles for round faces.


Hairstyles for Women with Round Face

For instance, you can go with the classic curls look, where long-face framing layers start slightly below the chin and angled out the right way. This beautiful curly hairstyle is full of volume and creates the perfect combination for a totally gorgeous and sophisticated look. The bangs are parted to the side and flip away from the face for a flirty and youthful effect. Long exaggerated bangs and long tousled side ponytail are great ways of making  your face appear longer and leaner.

If you want to look more elegant, try the sexy elegant updo. It’s classy and it gives a natural look on the face by adding some messy elements. It’s interesting and totally rocks. Or, maybe copper curls. The copper color has some hints of brown which gives a more natural dimension. The soft curly style comes from the broken up curls that keep the look more natural and romantic.


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Short Hairstyles for Round Face

Besides, no one said that shorter hair is a bad idea. Au contraire! Yes, longer hair is more of a safe option, but it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same appearance with a shorter style. Short hairstyles for round faces give height. Whether it’s short, medium or long, keep curls around the crown, never near the cheeks. That’s why you should always look for styles that add length. You don’t want your neck to look short. Try the vanilla swirl look. It really compliments round face shape. The length falls past the chin, but with the loose curls, the cut looks slightly shorter. Use a larger curling iron to curl your entire hair. Your curls will look soft and wave-like.


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At the end, spray it with a light hold hairspray and break up the curls slightly. It gives an effortless and beachy feel appearance. If you can’t find yourself there, try the flipped rock look. The layers are short and bouncy, which breaks up the circular shape and shows off the beautiful face features. That leaves the a-line style. It’s longer in the front and shorter in the back. One of the main roles in this one is the color choice, so we recommend rich color that will give a healthy and shiny, symmetrical appearance.

The best advice for everyone with round face is to make the most of what you have. We’ve mentioned the short neck. If you have long hair, the neck appears longer if the hair is worn up. If the hair is short, try the short cropped style. It looks so hip and makes a round face appear thinner. Try some highlights too. They will slenderize the fice nicely.


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Hairstyles for Men with Round Face

One of the best hairstyles for men with round face is the tall & spiky hair. The height of the haircut makes an impression of a longer face, while the short sides hide the width of the face. The short back and sides always works with men with round faces too. It goes long and curvy on top, slicked back, or with an extreme undercut, giving a more square appearance. And of course, there’s the angular fringe. If you want to go for an angular cut, you can definitely achieve that masculine look by contrasting the side swept style on one side, with short hair on the other one.

There are many other choices for people with round faces. If it feels unnatural and silly, try another style. All you need to care about is your individuality.


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