Leo Love Horoscope


The sun, a symbol of life and light, rules Leo, the fifth zodiac sign. Leos are as smart, intuitive and kind, but also vain, proud and arrogant. They prefer to show off their intellectual superiority, like to be in the public eye and rarely accept other people’s opinions. Leos are ambitious, energetic, dramatic and extremely creative. They are never satisfied with being average and yearn to achieve great successes in their love life and career.

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Male Leo Love Astrology

The male Leo in love is very proud, passionate and he cannot live without big amounts of emotional attention. He feels that he deserves love no matter what, so he won’t beg for it. If he feels that his partner doesn’t fulfill his high criteria, and he doesn’t feel respected and valued enough, he will end the relationship. Even though he is sensitive and wants to start  a family, he will never degrade himself or beg for attention.




Also, he won’t allow to be analyzed or to be the second choice. Leo love astrology inclines him to be a born conqueror. Leo in love loses track of time and place, and has love for the entire world. He showers the one he loves with emotions, attention, but rarely with expensive gifts, because he considers himself as the biggest gift in the world.

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A Typical Male Leo in Love

The typical Leo is confident and is aware of his qualities. He rarely fears the unknown and doesn’t fall under other people’s influences. He believes that he, himself is responsible for everything that is happening in his life. Leo loves to brag about his successes, he stays true to his principles, he’s responsible and demands respect. If he is in a dead end situation he becomes overly egocentric, vain and shows a need for domination. In that case, people around him see him as cruel and pretentious.

Leo love scope characterizes him as a passionate lover, true leader and there aren’t any taboo topics for him. He knows how to relax his partner, so that she loses her shyness, the first time they have sex. He wants to be in the center of attention and proves himself to be a long-lasting and inventive lover, who can bring his partner insatiable passion.

Leo, with higher character values, is one of the most desirable men in the zodiac. Mostly because of his strength, temperament, self-conscious, generosity and nobility. His love is deeply romantic, conservative and he wants to be with a partner who is always ready for an adventure. Leo wants a beautiful and intelligent partner. It is really important to him that they set an example and make a good impression as a couple.

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Female Leo Love Astrology

The female Leo is an ideal wife for someone with ambitions. In the zodiac, she is one of the most attractive and refined signs. Her love is passionate and self-sacrificing, and no one will stay indifferent or immune to her sexual magnetism. In order to win over female Leo’s heart, her suitor must make her wishes come true. Also, she wants to be praised daily. To her, the impression she leaves in the world is most important. So, she won’t be with someone who doesn’t live up to her high standards. Cheap adventures, flirting and jealous scenes completely turn her off. The female Leo doesn’t want to waste her energy on something unsatisfying and transitory.

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Female Leo Love Horoscope by Decades

Female Leo born in the first decade is vain, proud of their values and capable to impose her opinions on society. Usually, she dominates in the relationship. Perhaps because she unconsciously chooses a partner who is submissive. This kind of relationship won’t entirely satisfy her. Especially, if there isn’t any sexual motivation and spiritual stimulation.

The female Leo, born in the second decade, is more family oriented than Leos born in the other two decades. She is a good mother, a capable housewife and she also has a successful career. In her youth, she is only wants to travel and experience new things. However, over time she becomes calmer and is able to successfully channel her creative energy. Because she is highly intelligent, it’s recommendable that she constantly upgrades her knowledge.




The female Leo born in the third decade has a strong character, great sexual passion and bravely and optimistically faces every temptation in life. She doesn’t stand authorities, fake values and an emotional relationship with someone who is insecure and sexually incompetent. She is righteous and is protective over weaker people.

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