Libra Health and Nutrition Astrology


The Cause of Libra Health Issues

Graphically, the Libra resembles harmony, balance and symmetry. Often, they find themselves on a crossroad in their lives. Mostly because, they need a natural balance, which they hardly acquire. Being doubtful, comparing themselves to other people and over-analyzing every action contribute to them being insecure about the path that they have chosen in life.

So, in order to resolve this problem, they should hang out more with other people. However, they should be more careful about not getting too attached or dependent on them. Because caring too much about what other people think of them makes them incapable of making their own decisions. A bad advice or an nonconstructive suggestion can badly influence their psycho physical state.

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Most Common Libra Health Issues

Libras are inclined to these next health issues: diabetes, problems with veins, skin, they suffer from frequent headaches, gallbladder, lumbago, liver, appendix, kidneys and women suffer from ovarian cysts. Disappointment and depression deepens their inner distress. So, the kidneys suffer the most in periods of emotional crisis such as unreturned love or unrealistically expecting a perfect love experience. These thoughts stop them to freely express themselves and to relax, even in moments that are filled with love, joy and happiness. In stressful situations they find their solace in food and alcohol. Unfortunately, they’ll become addicted to them.


Libra Mental Health

People that are born in this zodiac sign are extremely attractive and well-built. Their ruler planet Venus has blessed them with an elegant figure, unique charm and natural beauty. The most efficient therapy for all Libras is to go on a vacation and to relax in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, where they’ll be surrounded by friends and family. Listening to music and watching movies calms them down. Also, having long conversations with people, whom they can connect on a spiritual level, or share the same artsy nature.




It’s best if they boost their self-confidence and they should be able to face the life’s challenges all by themselves. Because they are very humane, Libras love the justice and fight for it. They despise the fanatic and intolerable behavior from other people, so they often have outbursts and say harsh words. Libras feel uncomfortable in a messy room and can’t adjust to the Spartan way of life. However, they love elegance and prefer a discreet luxury. Marriage is ideal for people born under this zodiac sign. They can’t stand loneliness, so they become addictive of their friends, family and their partner. Love is the key to happiness and success in their lives.




Libra Health and Nutrition

Libras shouldn’t eat fast, or consume a lot of junk food. Their diet should consist light foods rich in vitamin E and vitamin B. Their food regime should not include a lot of gourmet food, exotic spices, greasy sauces, dried fruit, too salty food and foods that are packed in a can.




They should drink a lot of water, but not too cold. A few drops of lemon can have a great effect on the liver. They should have juice cleanses once a month, in order to eliminate the negative substances in the organism that can cause problems with the kidneys and bladder. Their diet should be healthy, balanced and should contain enough iodine and sodium phosphates. We recommend these following food products: figs, rice, beets, carrots, corn, peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, white meat and beef.




It’s also very healthy and beneficial if they include celery in their diet. This vegetable will fasten the metabolism. In order to easily overcome any possible kidney problem they should eat a lot of watermelon. The watermelon contains a lot of water, 95%, very little sugar, and a lot of healthy substances for the whole body and skin. Listening to music, taking trips, visiting cultural manifestations, having fun, trying diverse things and the humor have an ideal effect on their psychophysical state. They are very emotional, so they should be handled with precaution. Because they don’t have the courage to overcome illnesses without the help of someone they love and trust.


Libra Health and How They Act as Patients

When they are in a health crisis, they should have someone close who will take care of them. Being criticized or ordered around by their doctors can cause them more damage to their health. This situation will overpower them with melancholic thoughts, which will have an extremely negative effect on their health.