Libra Love Horoscope


Libras are sensitive, gentle and romantic lovers. The planet Venus, that dominates this zodiac sign, inclines them to be oriented towards love, harmony and beauty. Libras have a desire to go out, meet and communicate with new people. They think logically, have an objective approach and broad views. Also, knowledge is Libra’s strong suit. Libra’s negative character traits are their doubtfulness, indecisiveness, apathy and they easily give up.

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Male Libra Love Astrology

As a partner, the male Libra is very refined, cultural and a dignifying. Because he is a fan of flirting and seduction, he easily surrenders to one night stands. He doesn’t want a partner that isn’t elegant, stylish, or beautiful. In the zodiac, they have a reputation of being unfaithful, because they have an inborn need to make every girl like them. The male Libra that has lower character values is irresponsible, labile and is obsessed with finance and egoistic behaviour.




Being honest and virtuous aren’t his goals, but nervousness, the affiliation for vices and superficiality completely characterize his personality. The male Libra is a selfish lover, who only cares about fulfilling his sexual desires. He treats his partner as an object who should constantly be there for him and subdue to his desires. However, some of the male Libras don’t have strength and courage to impose in the relationship. So, they allow their partner to dominate and undermine them. Libras that have higher character values put the spiritual values first and they express themselves culturally and intellectually.

Libra’s love life is the most important thing to him and he believes that if he doesn’t establish a harmonious and stable relationship, he won’t experience the real success in life. Libra love horoscope inclines him to investigate things from all different angles, in order to make the right opinion, decision or attitude. Nothing can stimulate the Libra as being in love and his partner’s emotional and sexual fulfillment. They feel like they are on seventh heaven and their romanticism and sexual passion make them irresistible.

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Female Libra Love Astrology

The female Libra is charming, attractive and exceptionally feminine. When she is in a loving relationship, she is gentle and knows how to show her feelings. Even though she prefers to be with someone who is cultural and intelligent, in reality the physical attraction and the first impression are the most important to her. She expects her partner to shower her with small amounts of attention daily and to show his authority in a cultivated way. If he has these characteristics, they’ll have a harmonious relationship.

Her partner must be reasonable, not to use any harsh words and must have good manners. When she falls in love, she entirely surrenders to her partner. This makes her completely uninterested in flirting with other guys and in one night stands. However, if she feels that her partner doesn’t appreciate her enough and if she isn’t satisfied by her relationship, she’ll consider opening up to new emotional stimulation and love challenges.

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Female Libra Love Astrology by Decades

The female Libra, born in the first decade, has undesirable charm and charisma and a talent to successfully estimate valuable and invaluable objects. The Libra in love will stumble upon a lot of temptations and men will fall at her feet. She ties the knot fast and without thinking about it much. However, she should be careful of unwanted pregnancy, or pressures from her family and friends. It’s best if she follows her instincts. She should also stay loyal to her need to be with someone who will live up to her high expectations in finding the spiritual and physical ideal.




The female Libra, born in the second decade, is original, attractive and wants everything that is unusual and original. Average people and situations won’t stimulate her at all. Her inborn ability to recognize the true values in life will help her achieve all of her goals and dreams. Her life will be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, so she mustn’t be hopeless when she is in a crisis or when she fails. Also, it’s necessary to know that jealousy will destroy her sensitive and gentle nature. If she doesn’t find a way to eliminate the psychological pressures, she’ll fall in depression and lose her spiritual identity and her true personality.

The female Libra, born in the third decade, has a youthful spirit and creative nature. However, she should avoid passivity and monotony. If she sets her true priorities straight and constantly upgrades her intellect, she will be very successful. Travelling, working in a foreign company and finding a partner who lives abroad will make Libra’s love life extremely fulfilled.

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