Luckiest Zodiac Sign In Astrology



It cannot be said that Aries are the luckiest zodiac sign. They are persistent, brave, active and invest a lot in their education. People that are born under this zodiac sign use these attributes to achieve successes in life and can handle every crisis that comes in their way. They grab every possibility in life and don’t leave anything up to chance, they create their own luck. However, if they need some extra luck in life, the best period to do that is from February 20 to March 13.





In order for the Taurus to see the luck, when it is right in front of their nose, they need to be emotionally stable. They should be open to new experiences and luck will find its way in Taurus’ lives. When they face difficult situations, fortune often smiles upon them. They are extremely lucky from July 26 to September 6, especially if they want to rekindle an old love or start a new relationship.



Gemini easily adjust to different situations and are open for changes. People that are born under the Gemini sign like to be well informed and have firm opinions about certain topics. Their knowledge can really help them out in their career and everyday life situations. They don’t rely on luck to solve their problems; they take matters into their own hands. Luck smiles upon them from April 19 to May 1, especially in their home situation.



Cancer is one of the most lucky zodiac signs in the astrology. However, they should avoid making life changing decisions from March 20 to April 4. The funny thing is that, because they are surrounded by luck throughout their life, they don’t really believe in it. However, they shouldn’t push their luck. So, it’s not recommendable to get into conflicts, get angry or use an uncontrollable amount of alcohol.





People that are born under the sign of Leo have a fearless confidence and like to take risks. Living a life on the edge can be somewhat hard. But, Leos don’t have to worry about failing, because they have luck on their side. No one can win in every aspect in life, but Leos don’t have a problem to dust themselves off and pick themselves up. Leo is the luckiest zodiac sign in the period from November 20 to December 4.





The logical, well organized and intuitive Virgos don’t let a good opportunity pass them by. They shouldn’t make rush decisions and get into suspicious transactions. And they should especially be careful when they take loans or mortgages. So, it would be better if they ask for help from a family member. They should use the period from January 1 to January 20, to solve out financial problems or to create a more fortunate destiny.

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Libra’s lucky horoscope isn’t that lucky. People born under the sign of Libra are the unluckiest zodiac sign in astrology. Luck slips through Libra’s fingers, without them even noticing it. So, they’ll have to work a bit harder than other sings to achieve successes, get finances or meet the love of their life. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t have a happy life. On contrary, because things don’t fall from the sky and into their lives, Libras really appreciate the beauties of the world. Their lucky period is from October 14 to October 29.



Scorpio is another sign that doesn’t have luck on its side. Who needs luck, when they’ve got wisdom, experience and confidence to help them tackle down every obstacle in life, certainly not the Scorpio. They are not afraid to go after what they want and don’t let the lack of luck keep them away from happiness. If they do need luck to achieve a financial gain, the best period to do that is from June 20 to July 2.





When it comes to money, people that are born under the Sagittarius sign are the luckiest. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, aside other things this planet also rules luck. They have high ambitions and it is best if they go after them in the period from April 7 to May 15. In this period they will meet a new person that will affect their life in the long run.



Capricorn-born don’t wait for the luck to fall in their lap, they go after what they want and take it. They see changes as a necessity, which plays a great role in them getting what they want. It’s important not to take any financial risks and to think things over and calculate the possible damage. The period from June 07 to June 23 is their luckiest, if they want to meet the love of their life.





First on the list of the luckiest zodiac sign is the Aquarius. They are ahead of their time and are impatient to see what the future has in store for them. They don’t want anything more than to share their luck with other people. By doing this, they become the happiest person in the world. The period from February 12 to February 25 isn’t that kind to this zodiac sign. So, they shouldn’t push their luck.



Pisces find their luck in their deep emotional lives. Having a loving relationship, a successful career and a harmonious family makes them extremely happy. They appreciate what they have and not what is out of their reach. Pisces lucky period is from January 1 to February 1.