Melted Crayon Art – Colorful And Creative Ideas


Want to spruce up your home or give someone an awesome gift? You’ve seen some melted crayon art and it seems right up your alley? This is an easy project for all of you who want to get your creative juices flowing. Colorful and unique melted crayon art is something you must try. Give your creativity a ride and you will see that the possibilities are endless. This article will give you all the foreknowledge for you to succeed with this type of art, you will learn how to make melted crayon art and find different melted crayon art ideas!

Melted crayon art is very popular because of the simplicity behind the very intricate-looking paintings made with this technique. Some melted crayon art ideas are a simple rainbow rainfall, the melted crayon art umbrella look, glue-gunned abstract melted crayon painting, or a melted crayon painting with a film/band logo on.


Rainbow Rainfall Art

For the simple rainbow rainfall, you need crayons, a canvas (the size is not important), a blow dryer and glue. Additionally, you’ll need to use old newspapers or a cloth/t-shirt to cover the surface under the canvas. This is a messy process, so make sure to wear your messy-art clothes, or cover yourself up with something.




Next, you need to sort the crayons. You can sort the crayons from lightest to darkest or use different shades of the same color consecutively. It is totally up to you. Repeating colors also looks good, if you have a bigger canvas this is bound to happen. Glue them on the top of the canvas. You can leave the wrappers on or take them off if you don’t want it to be an obvious painting with melted crayons definitely take them off.

Slant the canvas so that the crayons will drip nicely. If you lean it against a wall, be careful and protect it because it will get colored too. Blow dry the crayons. The best way to do this is to blow dry downwards so that the wax will drip. If you are pressed for time, you can use candles but it’s messier. The process is nearly done, as you leave your work to dry. When it is complete just finish off by collecting the crayons.


Glue-Gunned Abstract Melted Crayon Painting

The supplies you need are basically the same, canvas and crayons but what makes it different from the previous one is that you will need a hot glue gun. You will absolutely want to unwrap the crayons this time and make them a suitable size to fit into the glue gun if needed. If you are opting for multiple colors, you need to push in the second crayon in once you have placed the first crayon inside, then the next one and so on.

With this method, you have an absolute control over the painting process and colors. You can make the dripping effect or you could also create shapes and designs. Call out your inner child and start playing with the colors. Just make sure you put the gun tip close enough to the canvas. Finally, let it dry and enjoy your artwork!




Melted Crayon Art Umbrella Look

The supplies are pretty much the same as for the rainfall look. It is pretty intuitive. The idea is to have a silhouette of a person or more people under an umbrella in the beautiful crayon rain. You can make the rain in rainbow colors. Or you could choose blue/white/black shades to make it more obvious that it is rain. Though there is really no need since anyone who sees the painting will understand it despite the colors you choose.

Also, you can pick red shades if you want to, it is totally up to you. You might want to draw out your silhouette design first and choose where in the painting it should go. Then, cover that part with some sort of sticky paper, sticky collage paper is fine so that you can peel that part off later and have a white canvas in that place for your silhouettes. Once your rain is dry, peel off the paper and paint your silhouette. You can also draw it with a black permanent marker and fill it in!




Some other DIY melted crayon art can be leaving out a part of the canvas with the sticky paper idea in form of your favorite logo or symbol or painting on motivational words or phrases. You can paint a tree trunk silhouette and make the leafy parts with dispersing colorful crayons in all directions. Also, you can arrange yellow and orange crayons in a circular shape in the center of the canvas and make a sun. We can’t wait to see your melted crayon artwork!


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