Men’s Hairstyles – Trends and Styling Tips


If you are looking for a new way to freshen up your look, then these men’s hairstyles are exactly what you need!


Long Men’s Hairstyles

Having a long hair requires strong dedication. So, before you decide to grow out your hair, you should seriously think about the whole commitment. If you decide that you want to give this look a try we have a few long men’s hairstyles that will improve your hair game.


Twist in Bun

Divide two sections of the hair and twist them loosely. Join them in a low pony and twirl them in a quick sloppy knot. For a chilled vibe, let the tips stick out.


Layered Bob for Men

The short-layered hairstyle for women is actually the same as the long straight hair for men.


The Polished Bohemian Look with a Lax Touch

This nonchalant and laid-back look is the most favourite among the guys with long hair. It has long bangs, subtle parting of the hair and naturally settled locks.




Medium Men’s Hairstyles

If you can’t decide if you are more of a long or short kind of a guy then medium hairstyle is just right for you. Here are a few suggestions that may work for you.


Side Swept Medium Hair with Retro Feel

If your hair is naturally straight, it will be super easy to pull off this look. You’ll just need to use some texturizing pomade and you are done. If you don’t have a straight hair, use a blow drier to blow the sides of the hair back and the front of the hair up.


Tousled Balayage Hair

It is best to consult a professional before you do this look, so you don’t end up ruining your hair. They understand the importance of color toning.


Medium Length Spiked Fade

The only trick for this hairstyle is to let the hair air dry. After that, use some wax and pull your straight up. Don’t forget to separate the spikes and apply a bit of hair spray.


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Short Men’s Hairstyles

There are a lot of varieties for short men’s hairstyles. The short hair is easiest to style and requires little to no time. For a spike men’s short hairstyle apply gel or wax on your hair. Use your hands to direct the hair. The fade taper undercut is shorter on the sides and back, but the hair at the top of the head is longer. Another short men’s hairstyle is the slicked back haircut. In order to do this hairstyle, brush it towards the back from the front of the head. It is styled by using wax or hair gel. A trendy short men’s hairstyle is the short back and sides. This hairstyle suits all face shapes. The back and the sides of the head are cut shorter and the hair on the top of the hair is longer. This gives you freedom to style it however you want.




Here are the most popular men’s hairstyles that have proven that are here to stay.


The Side and Up

This hairstyle is extremely short on the sides and long on the top of the head. The longer hair is styled to the side and slightly up. To style the hair, use a blow drier and a stylish brush. Gently lift the hair and create volume. Apply wax or gel to get texture.


Ready to Wed

This special hairstyle is reserved for the most beautiful day of your life. First prepare your hair with a smoothing lotion. Blow dry it with a brush to smooth the hair back. Apply a light hold hairspray.


Formal Fetching

This hairstyle is super short at the sides with triangular textured volume on top. Prepare the hair with a lotion. Use a blow drier to get more volume and a great shape. Run your hair with your fingers to separate the fringe. Apply a medium hold hairspray.


Euro Mod Grunge

This is a round shaped cut and is very easy to style. You have to have a medium long hair to make this look work. Prepare the hair by applying thickening lotion. Run your fingers through your hair and blow dry it and direct your hair. Finish it with a hairspray.


Deal Maker

This hairstyle is great for the guys that have a thick hair. The longer hair on the top of the head holds this hairstyle in place. Apply light texturizing lotion to prepare the hair. Use a brush and blow-dry your hair. This way, you will get a controlled and voluminous finish. Smooth the hair on the sides back and the hair on the top of your head up. Apply medium hold hairspray to finish off the look.




Trendy Men’s Hairstyles

Here are some trendy men’s hairstyles for all the guys that want to keep up with the latest fashion trends.


Backcombed Hairstyle with Beard

The hair is shorter at the back and at the sides of the head and longer on the top.


Blown Back Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks especially good on men with wavy hair.


Classy Hairstyle

The classy hairstyle gives off a professional and sophisticated look.


Fade Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for those men that don’t have time to style their hair.


Pompadour Comb Over

This is a great hairstyle to keep your hair away from your face.


Cool Brushed up Hairstyle

Men with straight hair will need more time to style their hair and they’ll need more hair products.




Wavy Men’s Hairstyles

One of the most popular wavy men’s hairstyle is the slick back. You don’t have to work for the extra height at the top of your head. Your wavy hair has got you covered. A medium hold hairspray will keep your hair in its place. The hair on the side of your head is cut into a low fade. This hairstyle looks great with a beard or a moustache. Another wavy men’s hairstyle that is becoming more and more popular is the forward fringe. This hairstyle is cut in layers at the top of the head, so that it resembles rows of waves. The hair at the side of the hair fades down at the height of the temples.