Mesmerizing Zentangle Art Ideas And Patterns


If you’re looking for a different way to spend your free time after work, other than watching movies, hanging on the Internet, or going out, we have a solution for you. It’s really relaxing, and definitely unique. The Zentangle art is different from regular drawing or painting. It’s really relaxing, easy-to-learn and it’s really contagious. Once you start doing it, it becomes more and more fun, it makes your brain meditate and work (it increases focus) at the same time.


The Art of Zentangle

The art of Zentangle is an addictive art form, meant for anyone who appreciates details. The art of Zentangle is always done on a 3.5-inch (8.9 cm) square title, on a white paper in black ink. There’s no technology, special materials, or any other educational background involved. Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas invented the Zentangle Method. They discovered this art form by trying to make a more pleasurable drawing. They created a few basic rules and made it accessible to all of us.


How to Do Zentangle Art

The only thing that matters is your final outcome, which will make you a whole new relaxed person. How to do Zentangle art? There is no right or wrong way. The artist creates repetitive patterns, arranged by his/hers choice. To be specific, the main focus is on the creation and on yourself, and not on the results. It’s approachable and engaging to anyone, even for those who never created any piece of art, or used any art tools, or even thought about that. You can draw a line, a circle, a rectangle, or anything else and it doesn’t need to be perfect. Also, it should be rather abstract, and it shouldn’t represent any certain recognizable object. Many popular books share final artwork on Zentangle, such as Zentangle art patterns, broken up into several steps, or any Zentangle art ideas, inspirations.




There’s also Zentangle art for beginners, a step-by-step learning process, which has three parts of the process: instruction, inspiration and doodling. Zentangle art therapy can be created anywhere and anytime the mood strikes. And again, it should be done in black ink on a white paper. It’s an unplanned creation, where an artist has no goal, just a clear mind. Don’t erase any stray marks and use them as a pattern.


Express Yourself

Zentangle artwork is created unplanned and yet intentionally. So, each stroke must be deliberated and used spontaneously, with no end goal in mind. Allow your feelings and unexpected forms to reveal themselves. Celebrate life through art, take you Zentangle art tools and start feeling and freeing yourself. This process is everlasting and ceremonial, it is a person’s attempt to put something on a piece of paper that isn’t a doodle. There’s a difference between doodling and Zentangle inspired art. They are totally different.


zentangle inspired art


People create doodles every time they talk on the phone, and don’t pay attention. Or in classes, when the student focuses on this particular thing that relaxes him/her. Your entire concentration hits its fullest through Zentangle art. It’s about time you spend a few days relaxing at a quiet place, without being interrupted, or annoyed. It can be perfect when you want to be alone and to not pay any attention to the world.


Take the Time to Relax

Why is this? You’re not selfish. Whether it’s a simple need to chill out without talking to anyone, or sit on your porch, or in the yard, listening to nature’s sounds, or the New York’s traffic (yes, some people find that relaxing) and find yourself in your own thoughts, wishes, ideas. You can be as sociable as you want, but you still need some self-time. We all need that and we’re nothing without it. In all that rush of career, good family life, friends, we sometimes forget to listen to our own voice and it can be suffocating.




Zentangle art therapy works for many people. When you finish drawing, you feel better right away. It’s the same feeling in other arts, or sports. People who work out, draw, play instruments, listen to music, or else, will tell you that without art, they might go crazy. We recommend that you do what relaxes you. In that way, you will have your soul and body under control and make a way for more happy moments.