Most Expensive And Luxury Makeup Brands


When it comes to makeup, quality comes first. But unfortunately, the cost of the makeup must rise in order to enhance the quality of the product. So, here is a list of the 10 most expensive and luxury makeup brands!


Luxury Makeup Brands – Smashbox

We will start the list of the most luxury makeup brands with Smashbox. This brand takes the 10th place on our list. Many popular models use this makeup brand for their fabulous photo shoots. It offers a wide spectrum of colors that fit every girl’s needs. Mostly, women from the western countries use this brand. This product is so expensive, because of the special oil that they add in all Smashbox products. Also, this makeup brand provides with skin care products and oil-free makeup that give every woman the desired clear skin. It has a flawless finishing and every women that has tried Smashbox falls in love with this product for its quality.




Luxury Makeup Brands – Nu skin

This luxury makeup brand was founded in 1984 and it is popular for its unique and high quality products. Women from all around the world use the products from this brand, which have anti-aging properties. The Nu skin brand adds a lot of antioxidants in their makeup, which make the skin youthful and stunning. Most of the products give sun protection and are fragrance free. The makeup is sold in more than 53 countries from all around the globe. Their favourite concern is to meet their customer’s needs and none of the product has any harmful side effect.


Luxury Makeup Brands – Oriflame

This makeup brand was founded in 1967 in Sweden. Oriflame is mostly popular because they use pure and natural ingredients in their products. Thanks to their innovative technology, they always live up to their customer’s expectations and place high quality makeup products on the market. Also, these products don’t leave any bad effects on the skin. The best thing about the products from this brand is that they make the skin healthier and give it a stunning look. Oriflame makes an annual sale of $1.5 billion.




Luxury Makeup Brands – Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden, which is one of the first women that took the cover of Time magazine, founded this luxury makeup brand in 1910. They offer various makeup products and the mascara and lipstick are the most popular. Elizabeth Arden has a whole palate of innovative and luxury makeup products and all of them have a high quality.


Luxury Makeup Brands – Artistry

This company was founded in 1968 and is 5th on our luxury makeup brands list. The Artistry products are spread all around the globe. They have an advanced technology that helps this brand create creative and special solutions to the skin problems and skin care. Nutrition and science are what this brand is all about. The high quality products are made out of fruits from the Mediterranean and this is why the prices of these beauty products are so expensive.




Luxury Makeup Brands – Estee Lauder

This company is the mother of some of the most famous brands such and Smashbox and MAC. The luxury brand Estee Lauder offers a wide collection of hair care, skin care, fragrances and makeup products. Also, it is the first company that has offered men care products on the market. Over the last couple of years, this brand has expanded its business and many celebrities supported their products. The eye makeup and the lipsticks are the most popular Estee Lauder products.


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Luxury Makeup Brands – MAC

Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan founded this brand in Toronto. The MAC brand has a wide range of products, which are used and are especially designed for makeup artists from all around the world. Mostly, this brand is popular for the high quality skin care products that help many skin problems. What makes this brand most aspirational are the types of eye makeup, stage makeup, all types of foundation, lip-glosses and lipsticks. These products give women new appearances and help them look fresh and youthful throughout the day. The vital key for MAC that helps them achieve their success is the reliability.




Luxury Makeup Brands – L’Oreal

One of the most famous makeup brands in the world is the French company L’Oreal. This brand meets all of the requirements of its company, thanks to the wide range of products. L’Oreal is one of the largest makeup brands and has a wide range of skin care products as skin care, hair care, hair color, perfumes and many makeup products. This French company has toxicology and dermatology research fields that expand the range of products. The high quality products meet all of their customer needs and the 72.640 employees are working nonstop to make every product amazing. Because of their uniqueness, L’Oreal is one of the most expensive and luxurious makeup brand.


Luxury Makeup Brands – Mary Kay

This makeup brand from Texas is one of the largest and best direct selling cosmetic companies from around the globe. They have their own well-trained makeup artists and consultants that also work as sales agents. Mary Kay is a trustworthy name that is famous for its high quality makeup and skin care products. The products, which are technology oriented, make sure that all of the products meet the high expectations and ensure their quality.




Luxury Makeup Brands – Chanel

The most expensive and luxury makeup brand Chanel was founded by the French fashion company Coco Chanel in 1909. The luxurious and high quality products are what make this company the best in the business. The elite products include fashion accessories, shoes and bags. Chanel has elite and unique products for which they charge a massive cost. Because of this, Chanel is the most luxury makeup brand in the world.