Party In Color With These Alcoholic Candy Drinks


Every party deserves something special and candy drinks are a good way to do just that. They are fun, colorful and most of all sweet! They don’t even take that much time to prepare. So, next time someone special  has a celebratory occasion or you just want to let out some steam, roll up your sleeves and get cooking, with vodka.

Have you wondered how to make drinks with candy? You may not know this, but making candy alcoholic drinks is very easy and simple, and there are a lot of ways to prepare them. All you need is some jelly powder mix or any kind of gummy candy and alcohol. See? Very easy. Also, you’ll need some cups and bowls to mix and melt the ingredients together, but that is not something that should pose a problem.


candy alcoholic drinks


Gather All The Ingredients

After you gather all the ingredients, take a large bowl and prepare the gelatin. Mix the jelly powder or melt down the gummy candy. The most important step, that you must always follow is that the water which you add to the jelly/gummies must always be hot, while the alcohol has to be cold. Pay extra attention to this step, or some of the alcohol will evaporate and the drinks will lose some of their kick.

Depending on the amount of alcohol you add, you will either get sweet candy drinks or jello shots, choose whatever you are in the mood for. Still, this article will give you a few ideas on drinks you can make, beside the good old way. Now, aside from pouring your drinks in a cup or a glass, you can also play around and be a bit creative.


cotton candy drink


Booze Soaked Alcohol

For one of the candy drink recipes, cut some fruits in half and hollow them out. Use a spoon, since it’s usually sharp enough for the job and blunt enough for your skin. The best fruits for this are lemons and oranges. They are conveniently wrapped and they also add flavor. After pouring in the drink, they need to be chilled and left to harden before you can serve them in their full gelatinous glory. Or, you can just drink them, it’s totally up to you, but thinly cut slices always look amazing.

Another great idea is to mix pieces of fruits with vodka candy drinks. The texture adds so much to the experience, and it is healthy too! If your drinks are heavier on alcohol and the fruit is chopped in small pieces, drinking with wide straws is always a plus. If not, tiny umbrellas are always welcomed to accompany any drink you might serve. But this is not a James Bond movie. So, don’t add any olives or tiny onions, they don’t taste good with sugary candy drinks.

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to cut down fruits or they are simply not around because of the season, you can always add ice. Whether it is ice nuggets, flakes or cubes, it is always appreciated and a fun experience when mixed with sweet, sweet candy liquor drinks. You can also serve it as a kind of ice cream. If you can grind the ice cubes into small shavings then pour flavor on top!


cotton candy drinks


Layering Different Colors and Flavors

For the more enthusiastic alcoholic candy drinks makers, there is always the option of layering different colors and flavors. A couple of extra moments make the candy drinks even more special. The process of making such drinks is the same. Except you’ll need more than one bowl. The difference is made when you pour the liquor jelly in the cups. For this, you only need to know one thing. If you want clear colored borders between the different colors, you need to wait for the first one to chill down before you start pouring the next. Either way they look just as awesome and delicious.

The latest and greatest way to serve alcoholic candy drinks is to pour them in a mold for cupcakes. It is up to you to choose the form of the mold. When you are done just flip them over a plate. Fancy and delicious, it might even bring back some childhood memories without the alcohol. A perfect ending for any drinks article.


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