Pisces Love Horoscope


Pisces in love are intuitive, sensitive and romantic. Their will is submissive to their feelings and they easily adjust to the outside world. However, they are easily scared and shy. By nature they are unobtrusive, withdrawn, introspective and sentimental. The humane approach and the great emotional nature cause them to self-sacrifice for the ones that they love.

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Male Pisces Love Astrology

Male Pisces with higher character values has an extreme need for love and friendships. His feelings come out from inside his soul and to him love represents the biggest necessary force and a great spiritual motivation. Pisces in love is very charming and he easily opens up to the love vibrations and seeks true unity. When he is in love, his loyalty doesn’t have any limitations and doesn’t come with any restrictions.




Pisces always put the soul and inner beauty first and the physical attractiveness second. Because of this he is likely to have a platonic relationship. He possesses a romantic and poetic spirit, so he loves music and art. However, the idealism and his need for perfection cause him a psychological distress. Because of this, it takes a longer amount of time for the Pisces to find and choose a true partner.

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How to Win over Male Pisces’ Heart

If someone wants to win over the heart of Pisces, she should be passionate, strong, and in the meantime gentle, careful and tactical. His conservative partner should never try to ruin his dreams or criticize him. Because of his gentle character nature, he is very sensitive. If his partner is arrogant, impulsive and intolerable, then the Pisces will keep things to himself, he’ll grow more melancholic and insecure. Also, it’s recommendable that he finds a partner who is funny, who constantly has a smile on her face, intuitive, poetic and someone who is able to recognize the true values. Pisces cannot be in a relationship with a person who shows violent behavior and whose values are false and fake.

The male Pisces are refined, romantic and to lean towards art. He expects his relationship to be passionate and emotional. Pisces in love often manifests instability and irresponsibility. His great desire to taste a lot of different satisfactions leads him to adventures and sexual challenges. It’s not recommendable for Pisces to get married early in his life, because in his youth he has a more romantic and idealistic view of life’s temptations. He hardly maintains a relationship that lacks understanding, tolerance and sexual attraction. The relationship that he establishes in his later years guarantees greater stability, spiritual connection and psycho physical fulfillment.

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Female Pisces Love Astrology

The female Pisces is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her partner, which she idealizes. She can’t stand cruel, intolerant and violent people. In the relationship, she is gentle, kindhearted and has a great respect for her partner, who she puts on a pedestal. If she feels that she’s been manipulated or if her partner is emotional distancing himself from her, she will instantly put an end to the relationship. Also, she eliminates him entirely from her life and doesn’t even think twice about giving him a second chance.




Female Pisces Love Astrology by Decades

The female Pisces , born in the first decade, has a great intuition and ability to develop her creative and artistic talents. Vulnerability and sensitive may cause her hardship. Especially, if her partner manifests cruelty, pessimism, criticism and conflict in communication. She should be careful of the influences from her surroundings and she shouldn’t sacrifice herself for people that aren’t worth the trouble. Working in peace, independence in her career and having cultivated contacts with other people will motivate her even more to show off her talents.




The female Pisces, born in the second decade, finds her main priority in life in the peaceful and harmonious family. Running away from problems and befriending isolation and imagination will only do her harm. So, it’s necessary to fight against the restrictions and limitations in life, to live for love and to stop portraying herself as the victim.

The female Pisces, born in the third decade is charismatic, charming, beautiful and has an unusual outtake of the world. These qualities can put Pisces love life in front of many temptations. She shouldn’t waste her time on a partner who is jealous, possessive and who wants to constantly control her freedom. Her character nature will awaken her partner’s suspicions, even though she’ll be totally faithful and her family will be her main focus. So, it’s recommendable to show more strength and courage and not to allow people to manipulate her.

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