PlayStation 5: Insider Info, Specifications And Hidden Features

PlayStation 5

It’s hard to be a PlayStation fan right now. With the PlayStation 4 right around the corner, should you buy it or wait for the long-rumored PlayStation 5?

This is a difficult question, but we have some inside information that will help you make a choice. Some of it is a wild speculation, but we think that we are onto something. The new console is closer than you expect. Sony just announced the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro. Usually, this means that they are committed to the already old console. However, technology changes fast, we have faster PCs and performance. Also, there is Microsoft and Xbox One and Project Scorpio.

So, Sony has to do something drastic to impress us. And to make us buy the console. Let’s see what we know so far about PlayStation 5.


PlayStation 5 Design

Sony decided to upgrade the existing PlayStation 4 with the new Pro version, which will be equipped with the same eight-core AMD Jaguar x86-64 processor found in the original model, but with a more powerful AMD Radeon GPU, with will be able to output 4.2TFLOPs. This will make the console capable of running games in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), as well as enable HDR colors. So, the PlayStation 5 specs are looking good, right?




Design-wise, we don’t expect major changes in the new model. The picture above shows a concept for PlayStation 4, but the Japanese tech giant is pretty conservative when it comes to design. Meaning that it hasn’t changed much between the last 4 models. If we want to go wild, possibly PS5 will be designed from glass. Or wood. Or aluminum. But, the reality is that we will see hard plastic, again. Because Sony would not compromise something that works. And we agree, they shouldn’t!

With the new PlayStation 5, we will also see the new DS5 (DualShock 5) gamepad, which is expected to stay largely the same, except a 3″ or 4″ screen embedded in it. This will help in immersing gamers in the digital world in a more efficient manner.

The one big change that is expected to be seen is the elimination of the disc-drive. Sony has pioneered CD-ROMS, DVD-ROMS and Blu-ray drives, but discs are a thing of the past – all of the games are digital now.


PlayStation 5 Specifications

Games on the PlayStation 5 should be able to output 4K resolution with stunning details, and this demands a high performance GPU. It is still unclear whether Sony will continue to collaborate with AMD or maybe switch with NVIDIA. Meaning that we will get a Titan X or a Nvidia 1080 equivalent built in the console. This would be a huge bump in performance, just what Sony needs. PlayStation 4 already feels old when comparing to PCs, so we have to get impressive performance. Performance that would last.

Also, games will run in VR (virtual reality), and the console is expected to have 8GB or 16GB of DDR4 RAM. The processor is still unknown, although it’s presumed that it will be with 8 or 12 cores. We hope that this is enough to help us get good graphics for at least a few years. VR is probably the future, so PlayStation and Sony are betting hard on it. In the end, it all depends on the games. If the games are good, the specs are not so important. Which brings us to our next point.





PlayStation 5 Games

All of the big names in gaming should make a return for PlayStation 5 – including Uncharted 5, Infamous 4, God of War, Gran Turismo 7 and other famous franchises. These games will be in 4K resolution and possibly offer special Virtual Reality versions for the console. New franchises are not discussed for now, but you can expect them for sure. We want to see a new Nathan Drake, or a new Kratos. Not that the old ones are boring, but we are ready for something new!


PlayStation 5 Price

The price is the biggest unknown factor so far. Some speculate that the console will be on the high-end spectrum, so it will cost above 600 dollars. While this is possible, Sony has admitted to making mistakes in pricing the PlayStation 3 console, so we assume it won’t happen again.

Most of the gamers would be happy if the console is between 400 to 500 dollars, not including PlayStation VR. The PlayStation VR unit would cost around 300 dollars, making the total price of 700 dollars. Whether this is worth it, we leave it for you to decide!


PlayStation 5 Release Date

This is another aspect that most insiders disagree one. The biggest speculation so far is that the new console will be released in 2019, which makes sense – PlayStation 4 was introduced to the world in 2013, so a six year lifespan seem about right.

However, the current PlayStation 4 is losing the battle slowly with Xbox One S, and Microsoft is preparing a completely new console, Xbox Scorpio, for next year. So, maybe Sony will make a move and release PlayStation 5 this year.