Public Speaking Techniques and Communication Skills

public speaking techniques

Nowadays, many people have a fear to get up in front of an audience and give a speech on a specific subject. If you are one of those people, don’t worry we can help you out. Follow our simple public speaking techniques and awe everyone with your speech.


Effective Public Speaking Techniques



It is very important not to spend all of your time preparing the speech. Memorizing the material is crucial if you don’t want to stare the public in silence. However, you should also spend time and think about how do you want to present it and how do you want to be perceived by the audience Imagining yourself how you’ll react in the future has an enormous effect on how you will experience this situation. Visualizing yourself that you will get up on that stage and you will dazzle everyone with your speech and energy can actually have a positive effect on you. The same goes if you visualize that you will fall apart at that stage.

Keep in mind that positive thoughts will help you achieve positive results. So, when you are home, practicing the speech, just sit down, relax and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and visualize yourself in front of the audience as a friendly and relaxed person that is ready to open up a completely new world to the people in the audience. This self-hypnotic technique is really powerful. Just try it for yourself and you will see why visualization is an important public speaking technique.


Go with the Flow and Ditch your Notes

Giving your speech should take you on a journey. And believe us when we say that you can’t plan every single moment of your speech. It is good to have some guidelines that will take you towards your direction, but reading every single word from your notes can have a negative effect on your presentation. So, ditch the notes and try to communicate with the audience. If you see that they are interested in some part, use that situation to your own advantage. Or, if you think that the people are getting bored, ask them something to involve them in your presentation, or simply just make a joke. They will definitely like that. So, be spontaneous and don’t overthink it.




Basic Public Speaking Techniques


Be in Touch with Your Feelings

Being relaxed and using a conversational style will be more approachable for the audience, instead of a monotone or serious delivery. Use different facial expressions and vary your voice tone. Tell the audience a few stories or anecdotes that have something in common with your speech. Also, if you are talking about the future, talk with excitement and inspiration. Or, if your speech is about something negative, sound a little bit angry or disappointed. Use twists and turns to make your speech more captivating and to capture everyone’s attention. Keep your speech clear and on point and don’t get into every little boring detail.


Keep Things Interesting with a Hint of Humour

If a situation opens up and you have a hilarious joke up your sleeve, don’t be afraid to tell it. Everyone in the audience will love it and it will illuminate your speech and your whole presentation. Just, be sure to do it in a spontaneous way. No matter how funny the joke is, if it seems rehearsed and practiced, no one will find it funny. So, if you have the chance, take the risk and sprinkle some humor into your speech. You will feel ecstatic when the audience will burst into laughter.




Advanced Public Speaking Techniques

 Know how to handle the audience. Determine the mood of the audience and take it to your advantage to know how to lead them throughout your speech. So, it is up to you to determine when to ask questions, when to take a pause and how long should your speech last. You are in charge, so use your power wisely.

Here are a few more public speaking techniques that will help you manage the audience.

  • Before you start your speech ask the people in the audience to raise their hand before they ask a question. Or tell them that you will answer all of their questions at the end of your speech.
  • If someone doesn’t agree with you, you can always open up a debate. By doing this, you will appear self-confident and the audience will love it.
  • However, if someone asks you something and you don’t know what to answer, be honest and tell the truth. It will be great if you ask if someone in the audience can answer that question, and if not promise them that you will find the correct answer. Be relaxed and don’t stress about it. You are only a human, you can’t know the answer to every question.
  • Stick to the point and don’t take any sidelines. Even if the audience is asking too many questions, you can answer them after the speech or during a break.
  • Enjoy yourself and have as much fun as you can. If the people in the audience see that you are having a great time, they will feel your positive energy.

So, there you go. Remember these public speaking techniques and use them when you get the chance. Practice makes perfect!