Sagittarius Love Horoscope


The Sagittarius are optimists, honest and spontaneous conversationalists and are people who really know how to enjoy the satisfactions in life. They like luxury, glamour and everything exotics. The independent spirit and the need for freedom keep them away from conservative thinking or obsessing over past situations.

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Male Sagittarius Love Astrology

Because of his social and communicative nature, the male Sagittarius finds it easy to make contacts with a lot of people. However, it’s not that easy being in a relationship with him. He changes his mood a lot during one day. In one moment he is completely uninterested and melancholic and in the next he feels liberal and without a care in the world. Most of all, he loves freedom and he won’t be with someone who will endanger his need to discover new life horizons. When he is in a good mood, he manifests tolerance and kindheartedness.

The male Sagittarius, with lower character values, is irresponsible, intolerable, unstable and absent-minded. He rarely keeps his promises, and prefers to live in the moment, without caring about the consequences in the future. The male Sagittarius in love is led by his adventurous energy and being faithful to his partner isn’t his priority. He bases his life on money, passion and sexual attraction.




The Sagittarius uses his intellectual personality to manipulate his partner, in order to get what he wants and needs. He isn’t satisfied with an average and conventional sex life and he has lustrous sexual desires. In his subconscious he hides his need for a swinger love combination, orgies, bisexuality and so on.




This is probably as a result of the duality of this zodiac sign, the centaur (half human, half horse). Some of the men, born in the sign of Sagittarius, can’t commit emotionally, mostly because of the fear of abandonment. That is way they become cold and reserved on the outside, and hide their true feelings and emotions on the inside.

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Female Sagittarius Love Astrology

The female Sagittarius in love is passionate, impulsive and has a direct approach. She yearns for freedom and independence. However, she hates it when someone tries to meddle in her decisions. She wants a brave and strong partner by her side, someone who is highly intelligent, with subtle charm and passionate energy. The female Sagittarius has an expressed individuality, so she doesn’t want to be with a partner who’ll act like a tutor. Or, with someone who’ll interfere in her life and tell her what to do or think. Even though she likes flirting, she is faithful, but only if she is spiritually, emotionally and sexually satisfied. If all of these needs are met, then she’ll completely devote herself to her partner. She’ll put him on a pedestal and she’ll do everything for him.

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Female Sagittarius Love Astrology by Decades

The female Sagittarius, born in the first decade, shouldn’t allow anyone to influence her love relationship. If she shows any weaknesses, she’ll face with a lot of emotional crisis and limitations. So, it’s necessary to trust her values more, to invest in her spirituality and to believe in her ability to find and to attain love. In her career, she is responsible, logical and is able to achieve significant results.




The female Sagittarius, born in the second decade, is very independent, feisty, critical of all conservative and dogmatic influences. Traveling and keeping in touch with people that live in a foreign country will positively influence her life. The adventurous approach and the originality will put the female Sagittarius’ love life in front of many temptations and challenges. So, it’s not recommendable to rush into a marriage. Especially, if she isn’t on the same spiritual level with her partner.

The female Sagittarius, born in the third decade, is ambitious and prepared to get what she wants and needs. When achieving her career goals, she may get support from a significant and influential person. Isolation, monotony and conservatism in Sagittarius’ love life and career won’t suit her at all. She’ll achieve the most successful results if she works in a foreign country.

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