Scorpio Love Horoscope


Scorpios are mystical, reserved, quiet and with great magnetic attraction. They rarely want to be in the center of attention and they prefer to keep their emotions to themselves. Even though they are funny and open for communication, they won’t completely reveal their true personality. Because of this, even the closest to them will think of the Scorpio in love as secretive and unavailable.

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Scorpio in Love

Scorpios are very honest and righteous. So, they prefer to have relationships (both friendly and emotional) where they can say what they mean and be honest. Disappointment and deceit make them thirsty for revenge. And they will do everything to satisfy this need. When Scorpios are in love they reveal their fantastic nature. As partners they are most often praised or hated, usually first the one and then the other. Their jealousy and possessiveness constantly follows them through life and blurs their judgment in seeing their partner’s true emotions.




Because they are really passionate and sensible, having an exciting sex life is of great importance and is actually the base of their every relationship. However, they should be aware of the fact that if they show tolerance and great understanding of their partner’s feelings, they’ll be able to really experience love. That is why they should eliminate the pessimistic view of the world, not to overwhelm with things that they cannot rationalize and to uncover the goodness in other people.

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Male Scorpio Love Astrology

Male Scorpio that have higher character values can rise from the ashes like the bird phoenix. Or, in other words from a psychophysical low, they can establish a spiritual energy and can experience the real happiness and joys in life. The positive approach when they are put in front of temptations and challenges helps them to evolve and transform. Because of this they can turn even the greatest failures in victories. Actually, Scorpio’s love life is based on keeping their feet on the ground, when life hits them with the hardest punches.




Male Scorpios, that have lower character values, have a negative approach towards everyone and everything. So, jealousy, impassivity and the possessiveness become a big part of their personality. It’s dangerous to have the Scorpio as an enemy, because no one can tell when and how they will show their destructive energy. It’s better if no one provokes or tries to pick a fight, with the revengeful Scorpio. Male Scorpio in love manifests jealousy and they will do everything it takes to make their partner a submissive.

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Female Scorpio Love Astrology

The female Scorpio, born in the first decade, radiates sexual attraction and ability to find a way out to every critical situation. Her stressed sexuality is an indicator that she must control her passions. Also, she should use her extra creative energy to accomplish more spiritual and intellectual achievements. Her energetic personality, the feistiness and her readiness to always take initiative will help her to succeed in her career. However, the female Scorpio born in this decade has a power to transform and to regenerate.




The female Scorpio, born in the second decade, is mystical, intuitive and has a high potential to establish her spiritual values. She will achieve this, if she stops obsessing over the past and if she moves forward to the pleasures of the future with a smile on her face and optimism by her side.




However, it’s not recommendable to excessively sacrifice herself for people that won’t respect her at all. If she is in a relationship, with a partner that is overly jealous and possessive she will stop paying attention on her intellectual upgrade. With her charm, charisma, creativeness and the ability to transform, she can seduce every man she sets her eyes on.




The female Scorpio, born in the third decade, more than anything wants to obtain harmony in her home and family. Her success in life will depend on the values, established in her youth. Also, it will depend on the ability to eliminate the fear and emotional insecurities. She’ll constantly be accompanied by the ups and downs in life and the constant mood changes. That is why, she must learn how to trust her own values. Also, she should be with a partner who appreciates her spiritual potentials. He should also be tolerable with her in moments of depression, nervousness and psychological distress.

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