Scrap Metal Art – Learn Some Skills, Get Some Ideas And Try It


With so much waste in this world, it’s no wonder some artists think about recycling. It’s particularly hard and expensive to come by resources such as solid metal. It can last for a very long time, but needs to be reconditioned into something we can use and truly appreciate for its beauty.The solid metal that is thrown away every day won’t decompose for a long period of time and also costs a fortune to replace.




Recycle Old Stuff

Scrap metal art allows you to recycle and upcycle the stuff in your garage, drawers in your office, old stuff from your pantry. Anything that you would throw away can be turned into cool and unique art.

The beauty of scrap metal art is that you shape the reality of the piece by crafting it into what you have perceived it to be. You can use old metal tin cans or old bed springs, as well as little metal pieces such as screws, bolts, thin wires, staplers and pins. Horse shoes can be the main piece of a really visually stunning scrap metal art.




All out of metal parts but totally into scrap metal art? Go to the nearest junk yard. You’ll certainly find everything you’ve dreamed of for your project and much more. But how scrap metal art is made?

Are you familiar with the welding technique?





It is a process that joins metal, plastic or other materials by causing fusion. It’s different from lower temperature metal-joining methods, such as brazing and soldering, which doesn’t melt the base metal. In fact, in welding – heat is used to melt the work pieces where certain metal structures are being repaired or created. The ending product is a single piece of metal. It’s an important skill for construction of different objects or structures used also as functional art objects, such as scrap metal art sculptures.




You will need a workshop and the proper equipment for this method, as well as other methods used by scrap metal sculpture artists. If you have never done this before, make sure to do meticulous research before you actually begin, take classes or instructions from a welder you know. Do your homework so that there will be less error in your trials!




You don’t need to be a master at welding to make this your hobby (though it would sure help), what you need is to release your imagination into the waters of creative perception. What you imagine, you can obtain. Sure, it isn’t easy, but nothing truly worthwhile is.


Make Scrap Metal Animals

Some wonderful ideas and executions we’ve seen are scrap metal art animals. Yes, apparently everything from fish, horses, bees, sea horses, giraffes, cats, scorpions, to ostriches you name it – there’s a metal animal of it somewhere around the world!


scrap-metal-art -ideas


Few Scrap Metal Art Tips

Tip #1. Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration online and use techniques you have seen from other people, especially if you are still learning. It’s not a simple process and you need to be ready.

Tip#2. If you’re seriously taking up metal scrap art and you think you’ll fail, don’t panic. Keep any random objects you can find that you’ll might need, even if you don’t know exactly what you want to make out of them yet. It’s good to have choices and variety is very important! Regularly hunt the local salvage yards.




Tip#3. Improve your welding skills as best as you can. Though it’s understandable it takes time, don’t give up just yet. Practice does make perfect!

Tip#4. Get some old keys! They can have a stunning effect.




Tip #5. Don’t make art just from scrap metal. Really get into it and you will discover it’s just like clay and it’s up to you to sculpt it.

Tip #6. Some awesome ideas are a jazz musician holding a saxophone in his metal hands out of wires, screws, bolts, broken chairs, horseshoes and basically whatever you find. Add a wacky tie for a more dramatic effect.




Tip #7. You can make scrap metal garden art in the form of a firefly using some old license plates as the wings and a flat and wider structure for the body!

Tip #8. Make dragonflies by cutting up old knives with traditional markings on them!

Tip #9. Make little minions out of horseshoes and pieces of horse shoe and paint them yellow and blue. You can do anything you set your mind to.