Six Drinking Games For Two That You Simply Must Know



A two person drinking card game-off waiting to happen. Get all the cards or pass out drunk in the meantime. The rules are simple! Each player draws a card from his stack, the higher card wins, and the winner collects both those cards while the less fortunate fellow of the two, you guessed it, drinks! If both players draw the same card, then the real war happens, they each draw two more cards, putting them face down and flip the third for the win. The loser drinks double, I know it’s not fair, but it is WAR after all.


drinking card games for two


Two Truths, One Lie

If you think someone knows you pretty well or if you want to get to know them better, this is a fun two player drinking game. First of all, you need some alcohol. Then all that remains is to tell that someone two things about yourself that are true and one thing that isn’t. If the other person doesn’t take the correct guess, they have to drink, after which they get to make up their own three statements for you to guess from. Keep taking turns until you know each other better, or you are just too drunk, or both.


two person drinking game


Never Have I Ever

This is a party game with a minute alteration, the addition of alcohol of course, can be transformed into the icebreaker you need. The rules are pretty straightforward. One of the players states something in the lines of “Never have I ever had sex on a plane” and if the other player has in fact done that, he/she drinks. But be careful, if you state something that you have actually done, then you are no exception, you need to drink as well! So, if you want to be tricky, or simply want to confess something you’ve done, speak your mind and drink on your turn.


drinking games for two people


Truth or Drink

It’s a variation of the truth or dare game. Maybe even better, because people don’t tell you to jump out of a window or kiss a stranger on the lips. All you need is booze and a person to share it with because this is a fun activity for you. This is a fun drinking game for two. You each take turns asking each other questions, after which you must do one of two things. Either answer the question truthfully or drink! And hey, there are perks to the addition of alcohol to this game. The more the game goes on, the more honest and open you will be.


two people drinking games


Twenty Questions

Twenty questions is another two-person game which can be adapted into a get-you-drunk fun pastime. Both players pick a name of a person, real or fictive, live or dead, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that it has to be someone famous. After this, all you need to do is ask each other yes/no questions. These questions will help you figure out the identity of your opponent’s choice. Every time you hear a “No” as your answer, you have to drink.

drinking game for two



A counting drinking game which is hilarious as much as it’s fun. The rules are simple, the players take turns counting, one player says one, then the other two, and so on. The catch is that when you get to a number which is multiplied by 7, for example 7, 14, 21, instead of the number, that player has to say BUZZ. If the player forgets to do so, then he drinks. Taking too long to say a number means having to drink as well. Soon you’ll notice that the faster you count the numbers, the more fun you’ll have, so good luck buzzing!


two person drinking games


Lastly, the most important thing is to have fun and socialize, but also to enjoy your drinks! So never forget, always eat well before you drink and avoid mixing too many different kinds of alcohol together.