Songs That Tell A Story


Every song has a message. Even in songs where all hope is lost. Just kidding. When it comes to music, everyone has an opinion. Otherwise, it won’t be shared with the public. People love to share experiences, emotions, different stories.


good songs that tell a story


Different Songs for Different Occasions

Which music genre do you like most? Some say it depends on the mood and current location. Whether it’s a club, or your home, people you are with, there’s music for different social events, training music, music when you’re feeling sad and alone, music to cheer you up. They all have a message and a purpose. Music finds a way to tell you a story and wake up some buried feelings. A good song touches you in a way that ordinary words can’t. People write smart lyrics that make you stop and think. There’s a reason why you’re listening to one particular song over and over again. It gives you a sudden feeling of grief, or happiness, sensitivity and different emotions, or dancing monsters in your stomach.

At some point, we all felt similar things, and can easily feel empathy with someone who’ve been through the same. We aren’t taking sides, or say that other arts can’t do what music does. Every kind of art has the purpose of sharing stories. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be art. Do you know any rap songs that tell a story? We know tons of them and we love the old classics. Those people who listen to rap are well familiar with the honesty between the artist and the music. A single beat doesn’t tell you a story, does it? There are other genres that do the same thing, like jazz, blues, rock, folk, pop. We don’t  talk about music tastes, but about different music topics.


best songs that tell a story


Love Songs that Tell a Story

How do you feel about poetry where the word “love” is mentioned? If love has a sound, what would that sound be. Poetry feels like jazz, jazz feels like ecstasy, and ecstasy feels like heaven and heaven brings us back to poetry, and music feels like love. Makes sense? It doesn’t have to. People like to listen love songs when they’re trying to get over someone, when they’re in love, or they simply like to listen to it. Love songs can be good for girls.

Playing love songs on a guitar turned out to be a chick magnet and many boys turned to instruments in order to improve their social and love status. Love is a sensitive subject to people, whether it’s about love for a boy, girl. Or maybe love for God, traveling, change, happy moments and so on. A song about summer that warms you up in the winter, a crying sax that gives you an orgasm, and reminds you of sexy times, like a person you’ve met by the beach and liked and never saw again.


country songs that tell a story


There are many popular songs that tell a story. Songs that are smart and well composed, and there’s something catchy about them, it gets into your head easily and it becomes contagious. Music tells a story and reminds people that they’re vulnerable, that they can be understood, comforted. Some songs didn’t make sense in particular period, but later we understood them, and listened to them all over again. As we said before, there’s a purpose you like a certain song.


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What is Music?

It’s that feeling when you forget about your problems and focus on yourself, the time when you prepare for big roles in your life. It’s the combination of lyrics and music notes that make you call your loved one and share your feelings with him/her. Music is always here to make us company, make the time go faster when we clean up the house, cheer us up and dance around the house, or shower and sing at the same time. It has that multidimensional space, where all information is collected. Best songs that tell a story ask questions. They also make decisions. Music will always make your day.