Taurus Health and Nutrition Astrology


The Cause of Taurus Health Issues

The impressions and experiences from the early childhood leave a great mark on the life of the sentimental and conventional Taurus. The atmosphere in the home, the love, trust and respect from the adults that take care of them will have a great influence on how they turn up as a person. Also, it will influence their health in the later years.

Taurus have an inborn fear of diseases. That is why, they accept negative suggestions about their health and often think and believe that their health condition is much worse than it actually is. They should have a more optimistic view of the world. Also, they should constantly keep in mind that they are resilient and immune to many diseases.

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Most Common Taurus Health Issues

Some of the health problems that they may face during their lifetime are infections of the throat and windpipe, neck problems, ear problems, problems with the gonads, diphtheria, goiter, mumps, tonsil inflammation and asthma attacks. Also, many other problems that come as a result of eating too much greasy foods. Often, they don’t show much attention to any pain in the throat or the usual cold. However, if they leave it untreated, it can cause them serious health problems. Those areas of the body can be really sensitive. That is why they must visit a doctor as soon as they notice a symptom, so that the problem won’t escalate.




If the Taurus don’t pay much attention to their health and if they get seriously injured, they should be on bed rest for a few days. Also, they should regularly take the prescribed medication and protect the injured parts of the body. The most important thing that the Taurus must learn is that they cannot be indifferent or flaky with infections on their throat and windpipe. Because it may become a chronic disease, which is harder to cure.

Among other diseases they are also inclined to have a metabolic disorder, decrease of appetite or to have obesity problems. Also, they can face problems with the ovaries and the thyroid loin and complications with the circulation or the veins in the legs. If they want to improve their health they should limit the food portions, avoid eating too much red meat, sodas and to find a way to reduce their desire to eat too much sugar. Instead of these food products, they should eat a lot more fish, vegetables and fruits. Eating peach will be very useful for their organism, because the effects will cause a body cleanse and it boosts the digestion.




Taurus Mental Health

Taurus should organize their lives and shouldn’t feel that they need to fulfill their obligations as fast as they can. It’s necessary to gradually accept all the new changes in life and to prepare for them before they start. Sudden changes can affect their psycho physical balance. In order for the Taurus to set a harmonious lifestyle, they need to have a good night sleep. Because for the people born in this zodiac sign the good night sleep is a basic necessity. They should go to bed, every night at the same time, they should avoid sleepless nights and they should sleep seven or eight hours a day.




Taurus Health and Nutrition

Taurus are great gourmets, they simply adore food. However, they shouldn’t be obsessed with it and they shouldn’t eat too much. By eating unhealthy food, they run the risk of being obese in their later years. This passion can easily drag them to some kind of a disease. Also, a lot of their health problems can be prevented by taking care of their bodies and eating healthy. Beside eating properly, they should also consummate enough iodine for a proper function of the thyroid, especially in the childhood and the adolescence. The female Taurus should continue this practice when they are pregnant and when they enter menopause.




The best source for the iodine can be found in the seafood and iodized salt. After they turn 45, they should enrich their nutrition by adding vitamins, especially A and E. Also, they shouldn’t to mix albumen and carbs in the same meal. Foods that contain Vitamin A are the fish oil, carrots, liver and it helps for night blindness and builds up the immune system against infections in the respiratory system.




Taurus Health and How They Act as Patients

As patients, they are calm and obedient, but sometimes can bore the doctor by posing too many questions about their health. If they consume enough quality food, they won’t rebel much. Also, it will be easier for them to adjust to the medical norms, initiated by their physicians. It’s best if they exercise daily, take long walks, get massages, drink mineral water and have a balanced diet. Their fridge should always have beet, pickles, garlic, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage and carrots.