Taurus Love Compatibility With Each Astrological Sign


Taurus (male) – Aries (female) – Love Compatibility

These signs will face difficulties in their relationship, because the Taurus is careful, logical and wants a stable and responsible partner. The female Aries is a complete opposite. She is impulsive, energetic, has a feisty character and can’t stand Taurus’s indecisiveness and stubbornness. The passion and the positive connection between their leader-planets Venus and Mars bring them sexual attraction and eliminate the boredom. When they’ll learn not to impose their opinions, the harmony in their relationship will increase. The Taurus needs to be more spontaneous and the Aries should devote more to the family.

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Taurus (male) – Taurus (female) – Love Compatibility

A relationship between two people in the sign of Taurus won’t work. They won’t show an interest in maintaining the liaison and they’ll see each other’s psycho physical flaws, which will make the relationship boring and uninventive. The Taurus needs someone who can create an emotional and material stability and to constantly motivate her.

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Taurus (male) – Gemini (female) – Love Compatibility

The energetic Gemini can drive the grounded Taurus crazy, so it’s hard for them to maintain a harmonious relationship. The opposing intellectual and spiritual nature is too highlighted, so it will be hard for them to overcome the limiting factors. Taurus watches what he says and doesn’t rush things, whereas Gemini is completely different. She talks a lot, knows how to manipulate and doesn’t keep her promises. Her curiosity and fast pace will annoy the Taurus, who’ll become jealous and overbearing over time.

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Taurus (male) – Cancer (female) – Love Compatibility

Cancer’s sensitive and romantic nature will make the Taurus really happy. Their common interests will easily eliminate all possible disagreements. A happy home is the core of the relationship, so they’ll show a great responsibility towards their kids. Also, they’ll respect the family values and economically spend the funds. Being decisive is the only thing they’ll lack, because both signs are careful and disciplined in moments where they should take action. When they are in a love crisis, they shouldn’t be in contact with a Scorpio, because with her erotic magnetism she can lead the Taurus towards temptation.

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Taurus (male) – Leo (female) – Love Compatibility

Both signs are stable, responsible and stubborn. The female Leo rarely backs down when she is right, wants to dominate in every relationship and to dictate her ideas. Her arrogance and vanity won’t be attractive to the conservative Taurus. That’s way they’ll be in constant ego fights and will be faced with a lot of temptations. However, because of the great magnetic attraction and the need to satisfy their sexual desires, there’s a possibility to set a harmonious relationship. Only when they’ll respect each other’s values, they’ll be able to enjoy their time together.

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Taurus (male) – Virgo (female) – Love Compatibility

They have a way with money, always play it safe, rarely take risks or do anything without analyzing it first. Practical, firmly stand on the ground and don’t believe in anything they can’t see. The charismatic and sexual Taurus will awaken Virgo’s passions, freeing her from the moral restrains, that don’t allow her to give in to the satisfactions in love. That is way Taurus will be a love elixir for the Virgo and a motivator for the creative expression and moral upgrade of the personality.

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Taurus (male) – Libra (female) – Love Compatibility

The planet of beauty, Venus, dominates these signs. Their common interest in art will make them obsessed with the aesthetics and befriending cultural individuals. They will also satisfy each other sexual desires. However, the constant search for happiness will cause them negative consequences. Taurus won’t accept her flirtatious and doubtful behavior, and she won’t put up with his jealousy, stubbornness and passive personality.

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Taurus (male) – Scorpio (female) – Love Compatibility

Because of the magnetic attraction, they’ll have an interesting and challenging relationship. They are both victims of passion, which is the main motive to start up a relationship. They should be careful about another common characteristic, jealousy, and to learn how to control the need for physical satisfaction, which can destroy the relationship. So, it’s very important to be on the same spiritual level before taking the relationship to the next level.

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Taurus (male) – Sagittarius (female) – Love Compatibility

The Sagittarius’ need for freedom and independence doesn’t correspond with Taurus’ striving for stability and discipline, so these two aren’t very compatible. The Taurus sees the female Sagittarius as irresponsible, outgoing and uninterested in the family responsibilities. The Sagittarius will think of the Taurus as stubborn, passive and old-fashioned.  However, their relationship can be a great experience, because they’ll be able to acknowledge other people’s values.

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Taurus (male) – Capricorn (female) – Love Compatibility

They see eye to eye on many things, such as the obsession for making money, settling down and honoring the tradition. The excitement and surprises will happen rarely, so the more they are together; the less they’ll think about breaking up.  At first, they won’t be invested much emotionally, but when they’ll respect each other’s values, they’ll be ready for marriage, from which they expect peace and stability.

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Taurus (male) – Aquarius (female) – Love Compatibility

The traditional male Taurus won’t approve of the free-spirited and eccentric behavior of the female Aquarius. Their opposing personalities can be easily surpassed, if they show a positive attitude towards the spiritual lifestyle. But, if they are victims to their own imagination, vanity and stubbornness, they won’t be able to make their relationship work.

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Taurus (male) – Pisces (female) – Love Compatibility

They can have a harmonious love relationship with few misunderstandings. The spiritual Pisces will oppose the materialistic Taurus and this will be the source of every fight. The male Taurus lacks fantasy and a more relaxed point of view, whereas Pisces lacks safety, spiritual reliance and to be in contact with someone who can motivate her to stand on her own feet.

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