Taurus Love Horoscope


The Taurus love horoscope characterizes them as people that respect the true values in life. The qualities that best describe them are practicality, persistence and intensity. They rarely take risks and don’t allow surprises and the unpredictable situations to guide their life. The Taurus love astrology inclines them to suppress their emotions and to back down. So, before they make their first move or show any interest, a certain period of time will pass by.

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Taurus in Love

They are family oriented and have conservative points of view, which keep them grounded. Their traditional lifestyle prevents them from having too many sexual partners or passionate experiences. Taurus in love don’t like to be kept in the dark and don’t want when other people try to control or manage their love life.

It can be said that the Taurus is the most stable zodiac sign. They make tactical and wise decisions, under pressure. However, in certain situations they can erupt as a volcano and lash out. Male Taurus’s character is melancholic and his emotions are deep and permanent, but he rarely shows them. Because of this, he is the most stubborn zodiac sign, who has a hard head and a soft heart. On one hand, he is rational serious and practical and on the other he has a sensitive, romantic, sentimental nature and is attracted to beauty.

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Male Taurus Love Astrology

Taurus’s harsh approach and conventional attitude don’t allow him to feel the joys of love without prejudice. Taurus’ love astrology inclines him to enter a relationship steadily, unimposingly and gently. In return he expects to be treated the exact same way. Toying with his feelings awakens his jealousy and he becomes suspicious of every little triviality. These unimportant things keep him away from relaxing and surrendering in his relationship. He is traditional and marriage is the most important thing in Taurus’s love life.

Sometimes, he can be sensual, emotional and romantic, this happens on rare occasions and only if the male Taurus is in love. He knows how to love and he is a loyal partner. The first kiss plays the most important role, when deciding if the relationship has a future or not. Male Taurus love astrology inclines him to be real, and to clearly and precisely say what he wants.




Being careful is his main psychological characteristic, so he won’t tie the knot until he knows all of his partner’s previous sexual encounters. Loyalty is very important to him, so he won’t commit to anyone that he doesn’t trust. Because he is led by ambition, the male Taurus usually marries someone, who has a better material and social status. Having good cooking skills can help in winning over the male Taurus’s heart.

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Female Taurus Love Astrology

The Female Taurus, born in the first decade, is passionate and has a sense for the aesthetics. Because of this, she rarely gets in a relationship with someone that she doesn’t feel any sexual and spiritual connection. She should tone down her possessiveness and jealousy, because she runs the risk of letting the insecurity and fear change her love life.

Her past disappointments in love influence her emotional perspective and make her passive for a longer period of time. Her femininity is captivating. Those who want a good housewife, but also a passionate lover should do everything in their power to win her over. She enjoys sex, especially if her partner gives her a lot of orgasms. Because she needs respect and gratitude for her passion and kindness her partner must be a gentleman. The female Taurus hates it when her partner tries to impose or dominate her life. Especially, if he tries to undermine her and make her his submissive.




The female Taurus, born in the second decade, doesn’t rush fast and easy in a relationship. She doesn’t enter a relationship, without being certain of her partner’s spiritual and intellectual values. It’s necessary, for the female Taurus, to acknowledge her own weaknesses and to rush into new love challenges with confidence.

The female Taurus, born in the third decade, prefers stability and security in love. That is why she won’t commit to someone who doesn’t offer her financial and family security. She is loyal, but also stubborn and anxious, especially if she notices a negative character change in her partner. Doesn’t rush into passionate actions, but when she does it will be hard for her to control herself. Without sexual attraction and material realization, it will be hard for her to make the relationship work.

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